Make Your Own Scented Soy Wax Candle

Make Your Own Scented Soy Wax Candle

A beginners class in soy candle making for one person.


There are candles and there are soy wax candles. We like the kind of candle that is so smart that really you are rather loath to light it. In fact, there is a whole language based around lighting a candle. Did you know about tunnelling, optimum burn time and the full melt? Here is an opportunity to learn about the humble candle from one of the best - the divine Earl of East based in Hackney.


This is a ninety-minute class taking you through the basics. Smell the essential and botanic fragrance oils, crumble the wax, learn what it takes to perfect a fragrance and how to make your own 6 oz scented Soy wax candle which you can take home, but not on the day. You will need to postpone the lighting gratification as once you have made your candle it is essential to leave it overnight to cure, but it can be collected from Bonds, Hackney during opening hours or Mr Posty can deliver it to your door.


An experience gift for one person. The candle making workshop happens two weekends a month (Saturday and Sundays) at their beautiful store in Hackney. This is an adult class, open to those over 16. The cost of workshop is inclusive of all materials, your finished candle, postage if required and a glass of Prosecco.


AFTER YOUR WORKSHOP you could head off on an East London Wine Walk


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