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If you are searching for exciting experiences this Halloween, then a visit to London is a must. However, the number of unique experiences available can mean some become overwhelmed, especially when choosing an experience perfect for Halloween.

Fortunately, finding scares and chills that also offer something interesting and immersive is easy when searching for London experiences via Indytute.

If you want to be scared or chilled to the bone in an innovative way, then why not consider some of the following eerie experiences that offer something for everyone? 

  • Old City Ghost Walk
  • Ghosts are the main staple of Halloween, and those who participate in the Old City Ghost Walk can be confident of scares that derive from local legends of London.

    Regardless of how many ghost stories you have heard in the past, you can be confident of finding out ghoulish details about some unrecognised spirits that haunt the town of London.

    Some may not know that London is one of the most haunted cities in the world, and this tour that takes place in some of the most eerie locations famed for their spirits certifies this.

    Not only is the Old City Ghost Walk perfect for those who want to learn more about the ghoulish details about the otherwise lavish capital, but also offers a unique trail for those tired of conventional tours.

    The tour takes place on selected Saturdays, starts at the Sir Christopher Hatton Pub in Holborn, and ends near St Paul’s Cathedral.

    Whether you are searching for gift ideas for that special physic in your life, or simply want to spend time with a loved one in scary surroundings, then why not try out the affordable and unique Old City Ghost Walk, just one of many unique London experiences available from Indytute.

  • Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour
  • If you are searching for a tour that offers plenty of fun and music while still retaining the scary nature of Halloween, then the Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour could be the experience you are looking for.

    The Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour is a 90-minute adventure full of laughs and terrifying tracks, while being told some sinister stories of ghoulish goings on in London.

    The Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour shows that Halloween is not simply about the scares, and completely embraces the fun nature of the iconic seasons with ease. 

  • Magical London Private Tour
  • If you want to avoid frights this Halloween, but still want to learn about the many mystical tales of London, then why not try the Magical London Private Tour.

    Indytute believes there is no better tour guide for a magic tour than a magician, which is why those in attendance can enjoy the company of a genuine magician who is part of the Magic Circle.

    Up to four people can attend this two-hour experience and starts at the Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly.

    Attendees will not only enjoy a tour that details the magical side of London, but also visit one of the oldest bookshops in London. There is also a magic show carried out in a genuine magic shop.

    Regardless of whether you are searching for a Halloween gift for Harry Potter fans or want to spend time with friends and family in a brand-new way, the Magical London Private Tour.

  • The Official Sherlock Live
  • Sherlock has been reimagined many times, but one of the most famous has been the iteration played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Those who found a new passion for the innovative detective will be glad to hear that they can now participate in their own unique Sherlock experience.

    This 100-minute experience has been created by original series creators Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss, along with some help from escape room pioneers, Time Run.

    Attendees will need to find Sherlock using a series of clues and their puzzle-solving skills, while avoiding the sinister intentions of Moriarty.

    If you are searching for a night of fun and mystery, then The Official Sherlock Live London experience is for you.

  • Intrigue and Espionage are at the Core of the London Spy Walking Tour 
  • If you are searching for mystery rather than horror this Halloween, then why not consider the secretive London Spy Walking Tour? 

    Although not Halloween-themed, this unique walk is perfect for those looking for something that provides chills in a different way when celebrating Halloween. 

    As well as discovering about the Cambridge Five, you will also learn about the secret world of espionage that took place in London, as well as visiting some iconic sites. 

    As well as being perfect for those who cannot get enough of James Bond and Jason Bourne, the London Spy Walking Tour is also perfect for those wanting to learn the more sinister stories in London. 

  • Enjoy Halloween at Home with the Campfire S’Mores Kit
  • If you want to stay closer to home this Halloween, but still enjoy some quality time with family, then the Campfire S’Mores Kit is the perfect choice.

    The kit contains everything needed for scary stories around the campfire, including marshmallows, toasting skewers, house-made biscuits, and chocolate shards.

    The Campfire S’Mores Kit is one of the many home-based experiences that provides everything you need for a unique London experience, and delivery is made directly to your doorstep. 

    The London experiences listed are only an overview of the unique thrills available when shopping with Indytute. 

    Whether you want date night with a difference, or want to find the perfect gift for those who love everything spooky, Indytute has options available in every instance. 

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