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Although many of us enjoy spending time trying new things, there can be times when some experiences are out of our budget.

There is nothing wrong with spending significant money on an experience if you are getting the full value, but those that frequently like to try new London experiences may be searching for something more affordable.

Fortunately, Indytute offers a range of experiences, many of which can be enjoyed for under £35. However, this does not mean that the experiences available are inferior to the higher-priced options and offer just as much enjoyment and value as the other options available for Indytute customers.

The following is an overview of the London experiences that can be enjoyed for £35 or less.

Master the Art of Paper-Folding with the Become an Origami Master London Experience

Although some experiences can be exciting and exhilarating, there are some people searching for something that can help them unwind after a busy week, and the Become an Origami Master experience is perfect in this regard.

Origami Experience

As well as helping people become more relaxed, the Become an Origami Master London Experience is also ideal for aiding concentration and developing hand eye coordination.

Those in attendance will be in the capable hands of Toshika, a seasoned origami expert, who will teach all that is needed to create your own paper sculptures.

This London experience is perfect for couples looking to spend some quality time together in an original way, without having to spend a small fortune.

Get Fit While Having Fun Courtesy of the Hula Schoola London Experience

Finding the discipline to work out can be challenging at times, especially since it has been a stressful week at work. However, those wanting to ensure that the fitness is the best it can be without having to conform to boring workouts will love the Hula Schoola experience.

Hula Experience

This unique experience is led by the Majorettes, hula hipping professional that have carried out performance in playgrounds and places globally, so the customer can be confident of pure professionalism through the London experience.

The Hula Schoola London Experience can accommodate up to four people, so regardless of whether you are spending time with friends or a loved one, the Hula Schoola London Experience is the perfect choice.

Perfect your Picture Taking Skills with the Urban Photography Safari London Experience

Taking pictures is the perfect way of capturing memories, and those wanting to make the best of their memories will be keen to brush up on their photography skills.

Although some classes insist you purchase all the latest expensive photography equipment, all that is needed for the Urban Photography Safari experience is a smartphone.

Not only will you learn a series of composition tips and new photography tricks to help you catch images in an original way, but you will also be given the opportunity to see London in a different light.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a gift for someone that cannot get enough of photography, or merely want to experience London in a new way, the Urban Photography Safari is the perfect experience in both instances.

Enjoy this experience as a gift for two, available here.

The Harmonica Master Class Teaches the Basic of Blues in the Key of C

If you are new to the world of blues and do not know where to start, then why not consider the Harmonica Master Class? All that is needed for this unique experience is a 10-h’ole diatonic in the key of C and willingness to learn.Playing the harmonica for the first time can be an overwhelming concept, but the Harmonia Master Class will teach you the skills needed to get the bast from your new instrument, including holding the harmonica in the right way, before finishing with an improvised blues jam.

Enjoy this experience with a friend, the Harmonica Masterclass is available for two here.

Enjoy Some Downtime with the Make Your Own Organic Soap Experience

Those wanting to make improvements to the lifestyle may consider several factors, including their diet and the products they used. For example, many people are keen to use toiletries produced using natural ingredients, and this unique experience gives you the opportunity to create your own.

If you have ever wondered how a great smelling soap can be made using natural products, then why not participate in this lavish experience? You will learn all the skills needed to create your own unique bar of soap, including cooking techniques, and how to use herbs and flowers to offer a unique scent.

As well as having the opportunity to create your own soap, you will also be able to take up to four soaps home as a memento of the day.

Immersive experiences are not always expensive, and those wanting to make the most of their free time in an affordable way need only browse Indytute for some inspiration.

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