Customer Insider Review, Dave Wright.

I was given a birthday present of a group Blues guitar workshop with John Ellis - ex Stranglers - it was a beginners Blues Guitar class, there were 6 of us and John in a room above a trendy pub near Covent Garden. Bearing in mind I’ve been playing for years, I went in with an open mind, especially because I’ve never appreciated or really listened to Blues Guitar before. We had a wide range of capability, and whilst the exercises and riffs weren’t complex, I had a fab time. John is a great guy to listen to talking, and learn about the Blues and some of the original history and backstories of the players. The session was very good, and John was very focussed throughout the 4 hour period - which seemed to pass quickly. I came away with some nice themes and tricks and ways to use stuff that I’d learned from theory and previous lessons. John also does evening acoustic house gigs in London for a really reasonable rate - I’d recommend that.

bues guitar experience
blues guitar experience
blues guitar experience
Just goes to show you, open your mind, be prepared to listen and you have a great time. Met a nice group of players too.

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