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Organic Beauty at its Best. Discover 6 of Our Favourites.

As members of the social media revolution, we no longer need to look to the professionals for savvy health and beauty advice.  Where better to seek enlightenment than from the experts amongst us? And this is especially true when it comes to natural beauty that uses sustainable and organic ingredients:  if it works, it’s out there. Here’s our pick of the best organic beauty blogs.



1. Herbowski

Although this is based around her own brand of essential oils, Herbowski, Alisa’s advice is all encompassing, providing knowledge of the best herbs to use in detox teas, how to prevent stretch marks and best herbal remedies for skin conditions such as eczema.  She trained as a chemist so this lady has know-how.


experiences london, organic beauty Saiki

2. Saiki

Lauren's wellness 'e-zine' Saiki Wellness, is slightly left-field from our other favourites but this new blog had us totally absorbed.  Lauren has exclusive interviews with teachers, guides and gurus from Eddy (the rather handsome) Shamanic Healer, Founder of Street Spirituality to Giselle, who promotes mystical wellness for your skin and soul with her practise, Project Ajna.  A must read.


Glow Organic Brighton
3. Glow Organics

With an emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, Mel Jenkinson inspires women to think more carefully about the origin of their beauty products.   Having worked in the beauty industry as a makeup artist for many years and witnessed the effects that conventional beauty products had on her clients’ skin, her knowledge is hard won. Her advice is wide ranging, taking in hair, makeup and skincare.


Clean Beauty Insiders Book

4. Clean Beauty Insiders

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to going green with your beauty routine but are unwilling to forego the results that chemical heavy products promise, look no further than Clean Beauty Insiders.  With articles on the hidden language of product labels, recipes for DIY scrubs and masks and discussions on the difference between ‘clean’ and ‘organic’ beauty, this is food for thought.



Sara Steele

5. Sara Steele

Sara Steele is an organic hairdresser by day, green blogger by night:  expect reviews of natural products and hair tips. She also posts tutorials on YouTube on how to deal with wayward locks.  Her advice on how to create the iconic Princess Leia hairstyle is not to be missed….



Brighter Shade of Green

6. Brighter Shade of Green

Brighter Shade of Green is a broader look at a greener way of getting through the days.  Yanar champions alternative and more conscientious ways of living, covering style, travel, food and mind as well as beauty. She’s also a trustee on Tools for Inner Peace charity, which provides yoga for refugee groups in UK and Lebanon;  someone who puts her money where her mouth is. In this case, beauty comes from within.



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