I had so much fun learning how to make my own natural organic lipstick. I didn't realise how precise you have to be when making lipstick and how you have to weight all the different ingredients carefully (some as little as 0.1 lbs!). We learned about the different essential oils that you can add to moisturise your lips or give a hint of a scent when on your mouth, and had to weight out the different organic shea butter, beeswax and almond oil to the perfect balance. The most stressful part (because who doesn't want the perfect shade to take home!) was blending the different pigments together to make the right hue of pink or red or purple or orange etc! The anticipation at the end while waiting for the lipstick to set was unbearable but finally when we pulled the moulds off and could see the finished product it was so worth the few minutes (was that all?!) wait and I am so thrilled with the lipstick that I can take home! I can wear MY new lipstick every day and know that I'm not putting anything toxic or unnatural on my face.
Organic Lipstick Making Experience 1
Organic Lipstick Making Experience 2
Organic Lipstick Making Experience 3
Jing was so helpful and funny and made this 2 hour experience so enjoyable. Its great being able to wear something that I've made, knowing that it's organic and natural. Who needs Chanel!

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