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We always support International Women’s Day, and we particularly love this year’s official 2020 theme, #EachForEqual - an equal world is an enabled world.



We believe in equality every day. Just like we believe we should show each other love every day, not just on Valentine’s Day, we truly believe that an equal world is an enabled world and that equality is something that has to be baked into the very bones of our being. 

It’s the reason that last Black Friday, we didn’t hold any sales or slash any prices. We offered our partners and customers the same, fair, honest pricing that we give them every day and gathered money for Get Out charity, helping some of the youth of Tower Hamlets, London achieve opportunities to experience the outdoors they otherwise wouldn’t have. 

It’s this real-life action that makes a change. It’s not a buzzword, it’s an ethos and it’s one we’re proud to live by.

Here are three fun ideas for you to celebrate this International Women’s Day

1. Host a gathering and start a conversation.

One of the biggest ways we can tackle inequality is to start an open dialogue. By talking with one another in an open and honest way, we can start to recognise the discrepancies in the way others are treated and make moves to close those divides. 

Killing two birds with one stone, it’s also a fantastic time to gather people together and enjoy some real face to face company with those people you’ve been meaning to get together with all these months. And if you can add in some great food too, well, you’re onto a winner. We particularly recommend The Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power Station, or if you’re thinking more of a brunch do, give Pancake Day a second whirl with Pancakes and Cocktails in Bankside (the cocktails’ll help get those important conversations flowing too🍸)

2. Host an awards ceremony for the inspiring women in your world.

There are fabulous people out there, doing fabulous things in the world all the time. And about half of them are women. 

There’s no such thing as recognising hard work, talent or kindness too much, so why not make some time to celebrate just that? Whether it’s in the workplace, your family home or with your extended friends, dress up, get fancy and show some love to those you really admire. 

3. Share stories

The internet is a powerful and at times frightening beast. Wouldn’t it be lovely to drown the negative comments and nasty messages with a tide of positive affirmation?

Be part of the solution, not the problem! Pledge this International Women’s Day (that’s the 8th of March by the way) to put at least one social media post up praising an inspiring woman in your life, sharing stories of workplaces putting real efforts in to closing the gender pay gap, to those hiring on skill not race, or age or gender. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s going to make someone smile. Don’t forget to use the official 2020 International Women’s Day theme hashtags #EachforEqual & #IWD2020.

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