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We're Black Friday Rebels! 

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Yes, we know when you want a telly, a freezer or sofa maybe the odds in favour of ‘Black Friday’ stack up. The big brands have the clout to finance lost leaders - or do they? Sure you can clear the shelves quickly, but for the consumers, a mercurial group, that can change their minds as quickly as their socks the novelty is wearing off. A flash sale is one thing, but artificially boosting prices only to slash them on the day, is a trick that customers are fast cottoning on to. Let’s face it, who really wants to spend hours wading through the internet for the best sale price, let alone queue to be crushed in the rush for the last fridge. Let’s leave that to our cousins across the pond.

Small Business Against Black Friday

The group that really, really don’t benefit from this marvellous sales day, is the small business. Dragged ourselves along in the wake of the high street helps neither our bottom line or our mental health.

We used to think that we had to join in the ‘fun’. But it’s not fun. We want to keep our experiences well priced. We want our teachers and the companies who partner alongside us to grow strongly together, in a civilised way. We don’t want our prices to fluctuate, we want them to be fair all year round, so that everyone is happy for the full twelve months.

Rebels with a Cause

So we won’t be slashing our prices.  We want to be project not priced based so we will be supporting the charity ‘Get Out’ . We hope to raise enough money over the Cyber Weekend to help the local children of Tower Hamlets get out connecting with nature. Growing vegetables, building outdoor classrooms and discovering a world beyond the city, with surf trips and camping and this is just the beginning….  

x  Calypso (Head of Everything)

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