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I recently came across these super cool chocolate bars run by a Mother and Daughter team, just like The Indytute! We had to help spread the word.

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In November (until stocks last) we are giving away one of Creighton's Chocolaterie's 'YOU ARE FRICKIN' AWESOME' large bars of chocolate with every gift card ordered over £50.

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Andrea and Lucy's business all started from a chocolate course they took together... so who knows, that pottery / Kombucha or cocktail class could lead to unexpected adventures.  Read our interview with Andrea and Lucy's from Creighton's Chocolaterie. 

What was the catalyst moment when you decided to team up? I was looking to create a shortcut to getting my dream job (graphic/product designer) - and didn’t fancy working many years for free as an intern to do it! Andrea was looking for a change in her career as her current job as a Pilates instructor was becoming too physically demanding. My dad encouraged us to take a chocolate making course and that’s where it all started.

Do you designate roles or share everything? We have very defined roles now, although still both wearing several hats! I look after product design, sales to trade and accounts. Andrea works solely on manufacturing and all the paperwork that’s involved with managing a food production unit. We do come together to discuss the bigger things like business planning and new product recipes though. The roles have kind of fallen into place over time based on our strengths and weaknesses (although neither of us really want to do accounts!).

What is the most enjoyable part of working with your mother/daughter? Seeing them everyday and always having an ally at work.

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Why chocolate? Best food in the world. There’s nothing like it and I love producing a product that people can really indulge in.

Do you ever fall out? Not really… we have disagreements from time to time and work can sometimes be stressful for us both in different ways. However, we have to remain professional for the rest of the team as I think the worst thing in a small company is awkwardness and tension in the team. It helps that we let each other manage our own roles and trust each other with decision making. We’ve never had a fiery relationship!

What’s been your biggest ‘hooray’ moment? An article was written about us in You magazine last year, with a double page spread and lots of lovely words - the recognition of our hard work being presented to the world in print was really special. 



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👉 Free voucher pack in the post

👉 Free blank greeting card

👉 Free large bar of 'You are Frickin Awesome' chocolate



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