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Now how relaxed would you be? Imagine the scene.  It’s ten something in the evening. You’ve just enjoyed a delicious supper and are wondering whether it would be madness to soak up the liqueur, when your host - the renowned Turner prizewinner, sculptor Sir Antony Gormley - decides to go for after dinner games...

Rustling into the plastic bag beside his chair he produces from within some balls of damp clay, which now shares space alongside the remains of the cheese. He then asks you to settle down and produce some art. This was reported after an interview with the man himself in this week's Times. He is quoted as saying that some people feel ‘they’re kind of terrified’. 

Well I should say so. It’s on a par with Dame Judy Dench announcing ‘Oh goodie. Charades’.

Apparently most of his guests do settle down to mindfully connect with the clay. He doesn’t say what they make. The Scream? That’s quite easy, a shape with appropriate indentations. Does he keep their works to display at future dinners? Are they fired and returned?  His off the cuff remarks throw up a lot of interesting questions. He does of course get many marks for originality. At a time when people are still feeling nervous about socialising it certainly takes your mind off the more mundane. It also makes you think about dinner party gifts and which ones are the most likely to entertain and amuse. 

Well of course here’s where The Indytute come in handy. Apres dinner - bring it on.

Keep it simple with a S’Mores Kit

Gourmet marshmallows, come complete with pots of salted caramel, ginger biscuits and chocolate shards so you can - here comes the good bit- toast marshmallows on the table! The box includes a mini brazier so you enjoy the flames as you start a community sing song.

Just as sticky as the Gormley clay experience but definitely less terrifying.

marshmallow s'more kit dinner party gift


Lino Cutting

Gormley one up manship. Everyone gets a small square of lino and a cutter, so they can rekindle happy times in the junior art department. They can do the actual printing when they get home - roller and ink can be provided in a goodie bag.

lino cutting kit dinner party gift


Clay Club

This gets the studio to you. All the essentials to bring out the inner Gormley. Tools for example.

A needle, a loop and cutter, sponges and a rib. Get in some practice before the big night and stun your guests as you nonchalantly carve out a miniature naked torso, before handing round the chocs.

Clay kit dinner party gift


Paper Jungle

Do it the old fashioned way and take a plant to the party - but make it one you made earlier.

This is an ideal dinner party gift, as it doesn’t leave the hostess in a major flap trying to find a vase for the lilies. Made from green paper it can take pride of place and provide a talking point over dinner. Does Sir Antony enjoy paper crafting? Maybe suggest ending the evening with paper cut outs over the coffee.

dinner party gift ideas paper plant



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