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It’s all change at The Indytute. We worked out that the way forward is to concentrate on what we do best - curating and designing brilliant experiences that make super, thoughtful gifts. So to this end we have redesigned the website. The illustrations, before you ask, are by the lovely Ana Jaks, and they reflect us - bright, quirky and intrinsically London.

The Good News

You can now message an Indytute staff member directly through our chat feature, so if you need a bit of clarity on the gin walk, or want to know the supple factor required for Aerial Silks, just give us a ping. We also have a brand new blog: The Indytute Insider. Written by Londoner’s who work and walk the city; Londoners who really know Brixton from Barnes, and create for a living.

The Excellent News

All of our classes are going on as usual, but now we have a simpler method of booking you in. Plus, new experiences will be added to The Indytute all the time. So if we haven’t got what you’re looking for this month, we should have by the next. (Got a suggestion? Send us a message on our website, or any of our Social channels) Oh, and make sure you’re signed up to our lovely Newsletter to be the first to know about what’s new.

How does it all work, then?

After a London gift experience for a loved-one or want to give some time together? You’ve come to the right place. Download your chosen experience in instant, or send it straight to a friend. If time is on your side, choose our gift pack by post. Your lucky recipient can either book online or drop us an email. When you buy an experience, we’ll ensure it is sent to the recipient when you want. Today, next week, whenever!

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