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The Ultimate Guide to London Experiences

When visiting London, there are many sights and attractions to behold, but there will be times when people are looking for a different type of experience. Some may be searching for a London experience that allows for excitement, whereas others may be keen to find something that allows them to unwind.

Fortunately, there are many hidden treasures to be unearthed in the city of London, and Indytute has curated these experiences in a way that makes them easy to navigate and find the perfect experience.

As well as dining in a fascinating and original way, there are also London experiences available that allow you to acquire skills from some of the most talented people in London.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something original as a gift idea, or searching for a date night with a difference, there will be an experience that’s perfect for the occasion.


Create Lasting Memories with These London Experiences for Couples

Couples love making memories together, and unique London experiences are the ideal way of making memories that last. As well as being a perfect date idea for couples, the following London experiences are also brilliant gift ideas for those getting married, anniversaries, birthdays and any other special event you can think of.


It’s A Rum Do

A Rum Do

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a tipple, and rum has become one of the most sought-after beverages in London. However, true rum aficionados will want to go that one step further to discover what London really has to offer in the way of rum.

It’s a Rum Do is a London experience that offers a rum-tasting masterclass that takes place at the Charles Merser & Co blending house.

Couples will be welcomed with a seasonal cocktail before being taken on an extensive tour of the Charles Merser & Co blending house and be treated to tutored tastings by seasoned rum experts.

Of course, you don’t have to be a rum buff to enjoy this extraordinary experience, but those trying rum for the first time may well be converted after taking part in this unique London experience.

This experience is perfect four couples that are looking for a night out with a difference and are perfect gift ideas for anniversaries and weddings.


Pancakes and Cocktails: Your Bankside Day Date

Pancakes and Cocktails

Those that love food has discovered that pancaked aren’t limited to Shrove Tuesday, but if you’re still to discover the true value of pancakes, then this is the London experience for you. The Bankside Day Date offers a curated tour of Bankside that will allow you to enjoy a series of pancakes and cocktails, and even enjoy a self-guided tour.

The pancakes on offer can be tailored to suit all tastes, so regardless of whether you’re a vegetarian or looking for a wheat-free substitute, this London experience can deliver the perfect pancake in every instance.


A Night Afloat on a Beautiful Canal Boat

A Night Afloat on a Beautiful Canal Boat

If you and a loved one are looking to spend some quality time together, but want to try something different to a hotel, then why not consider a Night Afloat a Beautiful Canal Boat. As the name of the experience implies, couples can enjoy other’s company aboard a canal boat on the Regent’s Canal.

The canal boat you will be staying on is called Velvet Morning and was built over 100 years ago. Fear not, as Velvet Morning has gone through some renovations to ensure that your night about this iconic legendary canal boat is as comfortable as any high-end hotel.

As the canal boat is moved on a regular basis, the location you stay in will differ but will be between Little Venice and Islington, so you can always be confident of gorgeous surroundings.


Old City Ghost Walk

London ghost walk

If you’re a couple that enjoys the scares a horror movie offers than why not up the ante with the immerse Old City Ghost Walk London experience? This unique guided tour is not for the faint of heart, as the tour explores haunted prisons and execution sites, with a series of stories that just can’t be found on any other tour.


The Footsteps of Winston Churchill

Footsteps of Winston Churchill

Given that Winston Churchill was considered one of the most successful leaders in the United Kingdom, it should come as no surprise that his reign has left a legacy, and this London experience allows those with a fondness of history to explore the sights of London through the eyes of Winston Churchill.

This informative London experience explores the real Winston Churchill, with stories regarding his residence as well as takes of where he purchased his cigars allow history enthusiast to obtain a greater understanding of this iconic leader.


Abstract Art Classes

Abstract art class

Couples that create together often find that they’re able to bond at a deeper level, but this doesn’t mean that couples shouldn’t be having fun in the process.

If you’re a couple searching for a London experience that offers enjoyment and creation in equal measures, then why not consider Abstract Art Classes hosted by the talented and award-winning Georgie Mason.

Abstract Art Classes are perfect for beginners trying out abstract art for the first time, as well as those that may be more experienced but are looking for some additional pointers. The class will include guidance from Georgie who will help the class learn techniques such as mark-making and texture in a relaxed setting.

If you’re searching for an intimate and relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon together as a couple, then why not try this unique London experience.


Sourdough Masterclass

Sourdough masterclass

Although there many cooking experiences available, more and more people are keen to make their own bread, especially sourdough.

Believe it or not, the making of bread can be a great bonding experience for couples, and who doesn’t want to be able to make their own delicious sourdough every day?

This bread-making experience takes place on a Saturday, and as well as being to take home your own fresh sourdough loaf, you’ll also have the skills to make as many sourdough loaves as you like moving forward.


Dim Sum Safari in Chinatown

Dim Sum Safari in Chinatown

Many would assume that there is nothing more enjoyable than a meal in a Chinese restaurant, but those looking to take their love of Chinese food to the next level will find that the Dim Sum Safari in Chinatown is an experience that offers something different to the conventional options.

Those taking part in the Dim Sum Safari in Chinatown will be taken to two locations for the best dumpling in Chinatown, before heading to another location for drinks.

Regardless of whether you’re trying Chinese food for the first time or you’re looking to take your love of Chinese food to next level, then the Dim Sum Safari is an experience not to be missed.


Canoe Through Little Venice

Canoe Through Little Venice

Looking to interject some adventure in a relationship? Or maybe you’re searching for a gift idea for couples that love the outdoors. In either instance, the Canoe Through Little Venice is the perfect London experience.

This London experience allows couples to enjoy the city in a completely unique way and introduces a series of hidden locations you never knew existed. Those looking to add to the experience can even enjoy a drink at the Summerhouse in Little Venice Before heading back.

Coupes share a canoe, so is the perfect London experience for those looking to spend some quality time together.


Ease the Pressures of Everyday Life with These De-Stress London Experiences

Wellbeing is now taken more seriously than it has in the past, and rightly so. However, those looking to de-stress will do so in different ways, and while the conventional options suit some, they’re not for everyone.

Fortunately, Indytute can offer a wide choice of de-stress-focused London experiences that offers something different that will have you feeling your best in no time.


Kintsugi Workshop

Kintsugi workshop

There are many people that love to collect items from the past, and China can be a hot commodity among collectors. Unfortunately, the delicate nature of China means that it can be subjected to some hostile environments, meaning cracks and defects start to show.

Fortunately, there is a way of removing such imperfections and breathing new life into china, and the Kintsugi Workshop can teach you all you need to know about china restoration.

The art of Kintsugi isn’t about hiding imperfections but embracing them and harnessing them in new ways. Not only can the Kintsugi Workshop allow you to explore your creative side, but the upcycling of Kintsugi can also help you find inner calm, making it the ideal London experience for those looking for some respite.


Become an Origami Master

Origami Workshop

Despite the simple premise of folding paper, origami has been shown to promote relaxation as well as improve hand to eye co-ordination. Origami is also great for those that like to create.

This creative and relaxing experience is led by Toshiko, a seasoned origami expert, and offers a simple way of learning some complicated folding techniques that will have your folding like a pro in no time.


Vintage China Upcycling Workshop

Vintage China Upcycling Workshop

The art of upcycling has become popular for several reasons. For some, it’s the fact that they can preserve memories by injecting new life into an old object. Others may just enjoy the creative aspect, and like turning all sorts of discard items into new works of art.

If you’re keen on upcycling and don’t know where to start, or just want to add another string to your upcycling bow, then why not consider the Vintage China Upcycling Workshop.

The china being upcycled us handpicked by professionals and there will be guidance available that will ensure the piece you take away looks professional and can be given as a gift or displayed with pride on a shelf.

This relaxed London experience is perfect for those looking for some downtime while learning a new skill in the process.


Terrarium Design School

Terrarium Workshop

It’s been known for some time that working with plants can help people feel more relaxed, but the Terrarium Design school goes one better and allows for the creation of a low-maintenance biosphere.

The Terrarium Design School London experience is led by Alyson, an experienced Kokedama teacher, who will teach you all there is to know about maintaining a terrarium, such as the placement of plants through bottlenecks, as well as keeping them in place with stones, soil and charcoal.


Pottery Workshop in London

Pottery Workshop

Pottery is one of the oldest professions in the world and is kept alive by the many unique approaches artists have taken to this ancient art. The Pottery Workshop in London is led by passionate potter Jess Joslin who will ensure that you become comfortable with the potter’s wheel and will even help you create your unique piece.

Three of the best pots you create will then be fired and glazed and can be collected at a later date.


Create Wire Sculptures

Create Wire Sculptures

It’s fair to say that anything creative can help calm the mind, but those looking for an original way of relaxing can design their own birds with the Create Wire Sculptures London experience.

The Create Wires Sculpture London experience allows those in attendance to create elegant birds with the use of back, silver, golf and brass under the supervision of fantasy artist Zack McLaughlin.

All the materials need to create these winged wonders are provided, so all you need to bring is a willingness to learn.


Paddleboarding Yoga   

Paddleboarding Yoga

The benefits of yoga have been documented for some time, and many find it to be the ultimate way of unwinding. However, those looking for an original take on yoga can enjoy its benefits while in original surroundings will adore the Paddleboarding Yoga London experience.

Those who attend the Paddleboarding Yoga experience will not only enjoy the same core benefits as conventional yoga but also offers and an additional layer of relaxation provided by the swaying motion of the paddleboard.

The Paddleboard Yoga classes take place at Brentford Lock every Sunday and offers a beautiful open-air environment that will help even the most stressed individual unwind.


The Float Experience

The Float Experience

As well as feeling stressed, there are times when worry can keep us awake at night. Although sleeping tablets can offer a short-term solution, The Float Experience is a completely organic way of finding calm and enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Taking some time away from the outside world can be all that’s needed to find peace of mind, and the Float Experience allows you to enjoy you only Epsom salt-filled pod that allows your stress and worries to dissipate in no time.


Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

Anyone that has witnessed butterflies in their natural habitat will know how relaxing they can be, and the Paper Butterflies allows people to unwind while creating their own iterations of the fabulous insect.

This immersive London experience teaches people how to craft butterflies using paper and wire with ease while under the guidance of experienced fantasy artist Zack Mclaughlin.

All the materials needed are provided, so all that’s needed is a photograph for some inspiration.


The Magic of Crystals

The Magic of Crystals

Those looking to channel positive energy will often turn to crystals, but those exploring crystals for the first time may be looking for some further information. The Magic of Crystals course offers an in-depth view of crystals and the different properties that each crystal has.

To be able to understand the world of crystals, you must be taught by a professional. The Magic of Crystals London experience is led by Gemma Petherbridge, a Crystal Therapist with over 14 years’ experience.


12-Week Pottery Course

12-Week Pottery Course

If you’ve already enjoyed the calming qualities of pottery with a London experience and looking to adapt your skills further, then why not consider the Danish-inspired 12 Week Pottery Course.

The 12-Week Pottery Course is led by famed ceramist Stine Durlong whose work has been showcased in books from Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver.

Al the materials needed are provided, including slips and mounds, and you’ll learn a range of techniques including throwing on the wheel and surface decoration.


Mosaic Masterclass in Day

Mosaic Masterclass in Day

The many colours and layers of depth offered with the making of mosaics mean that the Mosaic Masterclass in a Day London experience is perfect for those that love to find respite in creating.

This unique creative experience in London is led by professional master mosaicist Giulia Manzoni who has collaborated on several projects, including floor restoration of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The course will offer an in-depth look at the tools used, as well as insights into the stones. Beginners needn’t worry that the masterclass will be difficult to follow, as Giulia will set out the initial design so you can complete your own mosaic piece with ease.


Yoga for You

Yoga for you

When learning yoga for the first time, some may want to try YouTube for some pointers. Although there are plenty of experts on the platform, it’s important that those trying out yoga are learning in the right way, and this is where the Yoga for You London experience can help.

The Yoga for Your London experience offers a one-to-one session with an experienced yoga teacher that will discuss your intentions before being led through a sequence of meditation, breathwork and poses that are tailored to your requirements.

At the end of the 90-minute session, students will be given a video of the day so they can practice their tailored yoga poses in the comfort of their own home.


Make Your Own Organic Soap

Make Your Own Organic Soap

Although soap can be easily purchased from any store, some of us can be worried about the ingredients some soap bars can contain. This creative London experience allows those looking to reduce their carbon footprint to create their own organic soap bar that’s not only kinder to the environment but also kinder to skin.

The Make Your Own Organic Soap allows students to choose from one of four different soap preparation methods, as well as the ingredients that suit them best. The workshop will also teach you the cooking techniques for the ingredient as well as hoe to monitor the temperature needed for the perfect bar of soap.

There are several different colours and textures available meaning experimentation is encouraged, and by the end of the experience, you will have prepared your very own bespoke bar of soap.


Give Some Calm

Give some calm 

As well as being able to offer a series of different London experiences for those looking to de-stress, Indytute can also offer a sleep and wellness app that is the best-selling meditation app to date.

Despite the benefits that some of the London experiences can offer, there will be those that need something for when they’re travelling to work, looking to improve sleep or just need some calm during times of anxiety.

One of the prominent features of the Calm app is ‘The Daily Calm,’ a ten-minute meditation that explores a new theme every day. There are also over 100 sleep stores to ensure that finding your inner calm is easier than it’s ever been.

The Clamp app was the iPhone App of the Year in 2017, as well as being the Editors Choice on Google Play in 2018.


London Experiences for Music Lovers

Although there are many avenues and experiences available for music lovers in London, not all of them will offer the originality that some are for when it comes to music-themed London experiences.

Indytute has worked hard to curate a listed of unique London music experiences that come in various forms, meaning that there’s something for everyone.


Silent Disco West End Musical Tour

Silent Disco West End Musical Tour

If you’re can’t enough of musicals or looking for a gift for someone that loves shows, then the Silent Disco West End Musical Tour is the ideal London experience.

This 2.5-mile walk explores the West End theatreland in detail via a state-of-the-art headset along with some of the West End’s greatest hits, allowing for a taste of the showbiz life in a completely unique way.

Even the host in charge can’t help but burst into song, so if you’re looking for a London experience with music and laughter at the core, then the Silent Disco West End Musical Tour is a perfect choice.


Disco Yoga

Disco Yoga

There are people that may be tempted by yoga but may find the silence overwhelming. If this is the case, then the Disco Yoga London experience is for you. As well as offering the same benefits of conventional yoga, you’ll also be able to socialise with like-minded people that allow you to perfect poses to a disco beat.

Those in attendance will visit the glitter station beforehand to ensure that they’re able to stand out on the disco mate.

Once the class is over you can take some time out with a super-food cocktail, with choices including ‘The Raining Melon’ and ‘Blame It on the Blueberry.’


Rock ‘n Stroll Walking Tour

Rock ‘n Stroll Walking Tour

When learning about the musical roots of London, it makes sense to listen to someone who has lived and breathed the music lifestyle. John Ellis was part of The Vibrators as well as working with iconic acts such as Peter Gabriel and The Stranglers and can offer some stories that never found their way to the musical press.

As well as hearing some fascinating stories, you’ll also learn about some of the fascinating recording sessions that took part in the city by famed artists such as Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.

If you think you know everything there is to know about the world of music, then you may be forced to think again after attending the Rock ‘n Stroll walking tour.

Not only will you hear a slew of fascinating stories about the music history of London, but you’ll also be able to take home a signed copy of John Ellis’s new CD.


Living Room Cabaret

Living Room Cabaret

Many London experiences take place in unique settings, but there will be times when someone wants to enjoy something different in the comfort of their own home. Fear not, as this unique London experience offers something different for audiophiles that can be enjoyed at home, or at a venue of your choice.

The Living Room Cabaret is proud to present Ms Vouge, a ukulele-playing storyteller that tell stories based on her own misadventures while throwing in some well-know cover in the process.


Musical Bingo

Musical Bingo

Those that have played bingo before will be used to numbers, but you can throw away that concept thanks to the Musical Bingo London experience.

Instead of listening to rhyming slang, those who play Musical Bingo will instead listen to a series of songs based on different themes.

As well as being able to enjoy bingo in a completely new way, this music-themed London experience offers several prizes for the taking.


Strum the Ukulele Like a Pro

Strum the Ukulele Like a Pro

Although many of us may like music, some of us may want to learn an instrument but are unsure of where to start. This musical masterclass is led by Tricity Vogue, a ukulele teacher that regularly frequents the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Strum the Ukulele Like a Pro class will teach you some basic chords to get you strumming along on no time, and there will even be opportunities to create harmonies with the rest of the group.

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a ukulele, as everything you need will be provided. However, if you feel more comfortable bringing your own ukulele, then feel free to bring it along.


Harmonica Masterclass

Harmonica class

The Harmonica Masterclass is another London experience that’s perfect for those looking to learn a new instrument. This musical masterclass allows those keen to learn the harmonic to become familiar with breathing, bars and blues.

The Harmonica Masterclass will require attendees to bring their own 10-hole diatonic in the key of C, and blues lovers will be able to play singles notes and master chords as well as three-bar blues riff.

After the lesson, you can test out your new skills in an improvised blues jam.


Unique London Experiences for Foodies

There are more and more ways of enjoying food, but keen foodies may find that the pickings are slim when it comes to new food-themed experiences. Fortunately, Indytute understands what the modern-day foodie is searching for, and can offer a wide choice of food-themed experiences that offer unique settings as well as enjoying food in completely new ways.


Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power Station

Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power Station

Once Battersea Power Station was the beating heart of London before being decommissioned in 1975. Fortunately, this iconic landmark has been transformed and is now a Grade 2 listed building that’s home to the Cinnamon Kitchen.

Not only will you be able to ensure an audio trail delivered via the use of an app, but you will also be able to enjoy either a three-course lunch or nine-dish sharing supper, all created with an Indian influence.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an original gift idea, or simply looking for something different to do with friends and loved ones, the Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power station is the ideal choice.


Wine and Fondue

 Wine and Fondue

Although there are many that assume that the best cheese can only be found abroad, the Wine and Fondue London experience could change your mind. This delicious experience is offered by the Cheese Bar and allows those in attendance to enjoy some of the finest cheese produced in Britain including Cornish Yarg and Young Buck.

The Wine and Fondue London experience starts with a cheese and wine pairing, before moving on to cheese fondue, allowing for a food-themed London experience that offers some different.


Dinner Aboard the Prince Regent

Dinner Aboard the Prince Regent

If you’re looking to enjoy seafood in tranquil settings, then why not consider the Dinner Aboard the Prince Regent London experience.

Diners will be treated to a five-course meal from the famous London Shell Company while cruising past a series of London sights while abroad a barge.

Spend time with loved ones or catch up with a friend with this original food-themed London experience.


Cinema and Suppler Club with Cocktails

Cinema and Suppler Club with Cocktails

If your taste in movies goes beyond Hollywood blockbusters, then the Cinema and Suppler Club with Cocktail is the London experience for you.

Each event treats diners to an international movie with a menu reflects the vibe. As well as being able to enjoy international food in a completely new way, diners will also be able to enjoy some delicious cocktails allowing for an immersive and enriching London experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.


Foraging and Feast

Foraging and feasting

If sitting in a restaurant isn’t for you then why not explore the world of food in a completely new way with the Foraging and Feast London experience. This experience allows food fans to find out more about the natural sources of food that can be found in and around London, as well as teaching you about some of the sinister doppelgangers found in the word of foraging.

As well as being ideal for those keen to create chutneys and jams from natural ingredients, it’s also the perfect experience for those that like to explore the great outdoors.


Make Your Own Condiments

Make Your Own Condiments

Purchasing condiments from the store is all well and good, but wouldn’t you prefer to make your own? Of course, those that are making their own condiments for the first time will need some assistance, and the Make Your Own Condiments London Experience is the perfect starting point.

This three-hour class with teach you the humble origins of the condiment before you move on to making some of your own condiments including lacto-fermented ketchup and Mexican-fermented salsa.


Fermenting and Preserving Workshop

Fermenting and Preserving Workshop

Regardless of whether you’ve already attended the Make Your Own Condiments London experience are looking to extend your knowledge into the fermenting process, or you’re just interested in how to ferment and preserve food for future use, then the Fermenting and Preserving Workshop is for you.

The informative workshop allows for the addition of probiotic food into your diet and as you receive an in-depth introduction to lactic fermentation, allowing you to make Sauerkraut and Kimchi with ease.

As well as being taught how to ferment and preserve ingredients, you will also learn how to use your ingredient with modern-day dishes.


Gourmet Lunch on the Go

Gourmet Lunch on the Go

When looking for unique London experiences, some may wonder what’s so original about a gourmet lunch. The Gourmet Lunch on the Go London experience allows diners to enjoy fine dining with one distinct difference, in that they will be eating when sat on a bus.

Don’t worry this isn’t a conventional bus but rather a converted bus that offers fine dining on the go, allowing you to enjoy a series of sights in London while enjoying some truly delicious food, and there’s even a wand included that can offer more information on the different locations found around London.


The Perfect Sausage

The Perfect Sausage

Although some may not get excited by the sight of a sausage, The Perfect Sausage London experience could change all that.

The Perfect Sausage isn’t about the conventional pre-packed offerings you find in the supermarkets, but rather a hand-crafted taste sensation.

As well as learning about the core ingredients of a perfect sausage, you’ll also learn how to link sausages and even be able to take home 6kg of sausages.

Brilliant London Experience for Birthday Celebrations

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating an 18th or an 80th, there will be times when an original experience is just the ticket for a big birthday celebration.

Indytute understands the importance of being able to make memories during a birthday celebration, which is why it ensures that there are plenty of London experiences that are designed to ensure birthday celebrations remain a talking point for the long-term.


Hula Schoola

Hula Schoola

Not only is learning how to hula hoop a lot of fun, it’s also a great way of getting fit. Of course, there are some that could find the hula hoop complicated, which is why a fantastic teacher is needed. Meet Marawa the Amazing, a hula hoop expert that can hoop an astonishing 133 hula hoops at the same time.

If you’ve ever been inspired by the grace of the hula hoop but have been unsure of where to start, then the Hula Schoola is the perfect London experience.

What’s more, the Hula Schoola is the perfect London experience for groups, making it an enjoyable event for birthdays that offers something original and uplifting.




Regardless of whose birthday is being celebrated, it’s not unusual for karaoke to make an appearance. If you feel you’ve had on karaoke night too many then why not explore a different avenue with Gospeloke.

Despite the enjoyable nature of karaoke, some can feel a little overwhelmed when facing a room full of people on their own. This is never the case with Gospeloke, as you have a 15-strong gospel choir as your backing, allowing for a singsong that’s unlike anything else.

If you’re looking for a London experience that’s the perfect choice for a birthday celebration, then the Gospeloke is just what you’re looking for.




If you’re looking for a night out with laughs aplenty, then why not check out the Newsrevue London experience. This comedic experience is a mix of fast-paced sketches and comedic songs that take a humorous look at current events.

Even those that have enjoyed the Newsrevue London experience before can come back and enjoy a completely new set, as the repertoire is updated every week.

Those that like their humour razor-sharp will find that Newsrevue is perfect for their birthday celebration.


Learn to Rollerskate

Learn to Rollerskate

Are you pining for the days of yesteryears where you would frequent roller discos? Or maybe you’re just fascinated by a pastime that remains popular today, despite the many advancements made when it comes to travelling on wheels.

The Learn to Rollerskate London experience offers all the skating basics while also earning about the health benefits that roller skating can offer.

Regardless of whether you’ve skated before or this is your first time trying roller skating, this enjoyable skating masterclass will have you zipping around with ease while getting fit in the process


Magical London Private Tour

Magical London Private Tour

Are you a fan of ‘Harry Potter?’ Or maybe you’re just fascinated by some of the wonderous tricks performed by magicians? Then why not extend your knowledge of music with the Magical London Private Tour.

The tour is led by James Pritchard, a magician who is a member of the magical circle and knows all there is to know about the mystical side of London.

This unique tour offers an abundance of stories about the magical happenings in London and includes teas and a 30-minute private magic show.


Alternative Tourism in London

Despite all the sights and landmarks in London, there will be people that want to explore London in a completely different way. Indytute is proud to have built a collection of some of the most unique alternative tourism in London and can offer an abundance of different London experience that help give a new perspective of the famous capital.


Motorbike Across London

Motorbike Across London

If you’re looking to explore London while getting a hit of adrenaline, then why not consider the Motorbike Across London experience.

A limo bike offers a way of exploring London on two wheels, while still ensuring that safety is at the core of the tour.

The route taken is up to the person taking the tour. As the experience lasts for 40 minutes, this is more than enough time to view some of the iconic sights in London in a completely new way.


The London Spy Walking Tour

The London Spy Walking Tour

If you’re a fan of Jason Bourne or James Bond, then why not immerse yourself and learn some of the secrets of London with the unique tour.

Not only will spy fans be able to locate some of the locations that were used by spies in London in the past but will also be given a series of missions that need to be solved during the tour.

This to hour tour is perfect for budding spies and decoders and still allows you to absorb the many landmarks of London, albeit in a different way.


Take Flight

Take flight

There are many ways to enjoy London, but it’s fair to say that viewing the city of London aboard a plane is something that everybody should try.

An experienced pilot will fly you around London and allow you to enjoy the iconic scenery from above and will be connected allowing them to answer any questions you may have during the fight.


Discover London’s Street Art by Mini Cooper

Tour by mini cooper

London is not only famous for its landmarks, but also some of the artists that helm from the city. This unique London tour allows art enthusiasts to enjoy some of the finest street art in London while being transported in a Mini.

Banksy is the main focus of this immersive tour and the those attending the tour will learn more about his life, as well as visiting some of the locations where his art can still be seen.

As well as being able to view some of the legendary street art, those taking the tour can also try their hand at tagging in the graffiti tunnel in Leake Street.


Gin Safari by Bicycle

Gin Safari by Bicycle

Gin is a drink that has roots that date back to the 18th century, so you can be confident that they’re always something fascinating to learn, especially when embarking on the Gin Safari by Bicycle London experience.

This tour takes you through this history of this legendary beverage and its humble beginnings in the city of London. The bespoke Pashley bicycle used for the tour will contain a selection of gins that can be sampled along the way.

You’ll also be able to take a trip through some of the famous street markets in London and use the bicycle to store your purchases. If you’re looking for a tour with a difference, then why not consider the Gin Safari by Bicycle.


Boozy London Experiences

Going for a drink can mean different thing to different people. Whereas some may prefer to try the latest craft beers, others may be accustomed to wine.

Regardless of what your favourite tipple Is, Indytute has an experience that offers access to rare blends as well as an abundance of information about their favourite beverage.


Meet the Stills with Sipsmith


London and gin have some history together, and although there are some tales of debauchery, the tales surrounding gin are always fascinating.

The Meet the Stills with Sipsmith London experience allows fans of gin to try out their tasting skills while discovering an abundance of tales from London’s gin-soaked past. Sipsmith is a traditional copper distillery has been in operation since 1820 and makes gin in small batches to ensure that the quality is always present.

If you’re looking for a booze-themed London experience that allows you to become more familiar with the gin-making process, then why not give the Meet the Stills with Sipsmith London experience a try?


East London Wine Walk

East London Wine Walk

Those that like an element of mystique when trying new wines will adore the East London Wine Walk, as attendees won’t know which venues they’re visiting until on the day.

The East London Wine Walk will treat wine lovers to a sampling of curated by Benoit Allauzen, a Sommelier who has worked for some of the best in the business including Raymond Blanc and Joel Robuchon.

As well as being treated to some of the finest wines London has to offer, those enjoying the East London Wine Walk will also be treated to some delicious nibbles.


Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure

Gin tour by Mini cooper

You may have tried gin in London before, but it’s unlikely you will have experienced some of the finest gin bars in London by Mini.

Those who embark on the Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure will be driven to the three of the best gin bars in London without having to worry about how you’re going to get to the next destination.

Your driver will also act as your tour guide, so you can expect to see of London’s greatest landmarks during your gin-infused adventure.


London Experiences That Allow You to Walk London in a Different Way

Although some people will be searching for thrills and spills, others may be looking to gain some knowledge during their trip to London, and Indytute has an abundance of different walks that each offer something original.


The Feast from the East Walking Tour

The Feast from the East Walking Tour

Those not familiar with the East End would be forgiven for assuming that there is little in the way of culinary delights, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The markets around Spitalfields and Brick Lane serve a selection of delicious street food from all over the world.

The Feast from the East Walking tour is a London experience that will help you learn the real truth behind British cuisine and even includes coffee at one of London’s finest coffee houses. There will also be an opportunity to sample some of the delicious dishes available in the East End.


The History of London in Four Drinks

The History of London in Four Drinks

When going out for a drink, many may wonder about the history of the drink they’re consuming. If you’re a fan of history, or just want to find out the nitty-gritty on your favourite beverage, then the History of London in Four Drinks London Experience is for you.

The History of London in Four Drinks takes place across Fleet Street, the Strand and the city. As well as being able to enjoy tea, coffee, gin and beer during this informative walk, but you’ll also learn about some of the outrageous behaviours that took place in London during the 18th century.

Not only will you be able to sample some of the most delicious beverages in London, but you’ll also be led by a fabulous guide to ensure that there is never a dull moment to be had with this unique London experience.


Southbank Walking Dinner

Southbank Walking Dinner

On the surface, there may be nothing different about going for a meal with a friend or loved one, but the Southbank Walking Dinner isn’t a conventional dining experience.

This fabulous London experience allows you to stroll across the scenic Southbank while being able to dine at three separate restaurants along the way.

The dining experience will be split across three restaurants. This means that the first restaurant will serve the starter, the second the main and the third the afters. Not only do you get to experience three fantastic restaurants you’re also getting to breathe in the scenery of Southbank with a friend or loved one.


Borough Market Tasting Tour

Borough Market Tasting Tour

Although many people may have dined in London before, it’s unlikely that the experience will have been anything like the Borough Market Tasting Tour.

Borough Market has been part of London’s history for the last 300 years, with its roots dating back as far as 1000 years ago.

Borough Market is filled with creative minds and delicious food and is the ideal way of experiencing the city of London through food.

The Borough Market Tasting Tour is operated by Mimo London, a cooking school and shop and Mimo will guide you around the stalls before moving on to a fabulous wine and cheese pairing which takes place at the Mimo Cookery School Pintxo Bar.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to see London from a different perspective, or simply looking for a gift idea for keen foodies, the Borough Market Tasting Tour is the perfect choice in both instances.


Vegetarian Exploration Private Tour 

 Vegetarian Exploration Private Tour

If you’re a foodie that’s also looking to find out more about London, then the Vegetarian Exploration Private Tour could be just what you’re looking for.

The Vegetarian Exploration Private Tour is led by Naomi Knill, a UK food blogger who is also a recipe developer. As such, those in attendance can find out where to source some of the delicious vegetables and learn how to use them in everyday meals.

The three-hour tour allows you to try a selection of different tasters, as well as learning about the producers of these tasters.


Charity Shop Hop

Charity Shop Hop

Those that like to unearth treasure will already know the value that charity shops can offer, but the Charity Shop Hop can teach all you need to know about finding some true treasure while enjoying the city of London in a completely new way.

Sanna is a seasoned expert on finding a series of props for photoshoots and wardrobes for television adverts, so you can be confident that you’re in good hands when it comes to finding items that are of worth.

This fun London experience takes places in a different area of London each month, so there’s never a chance of coming up dry when looking for some bargains. East London Hops occur on a Saturday morning, North London on a Monday and alternating Saturday and Sundays/

This London experience is perfect for those looking for a simple way of having fun while still being able to see London in a different way.


London Experiences for Him

If you’re searching for a gift for the man who has everything, it can be difficult to find something suitable. Fortunately, there are several London experiences available from Indytute that make for the perfect gift idea, regardless of the person or occasion.

The following is an overview of some of the gift ideas available for that special man in your life.


Make Light Neon Workshop

Neon light

Although the Neon Workshop normally takes place in Yorkshire, the demand for this unique neon-based London experience has meant that those in London can now take advantage of this fabulous experience.

Don’t worry if you’ve not worked with neon before, as this is beginner’s guide. Learn how to turn a basic idea into a working piece of neon that can be displayed with pride.

As you’ll be taught how to blow, stretch and fuse the glass, the only limitations in place are your imagination.


Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend

Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend

Are you looking for a gift for a budding musician? Or maybe you’re learning guitar and you don’t where to start? In either instance, the Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend London experience is the perfect choice in either instance.

This immersive London experience is led by iconic musician John Ellis who will teach you a series of blues guitar tricks including palm-muting and chugging, as well as learning to play a basic blues chord scale.

Once John has taught you the basics of blues guitar, you get the chance to put it all together and even have a jam with John at the end of the session.

There are many choices available when it comes to guitar lessons, but very few will allow you to play the guitar alongside a bonafide music legend.


Ultimate Cocktail Making

Ultimate Cocktail Making

Although many may enjoy a cocktail from time to time, not everyone will know how to make a cocktail, at least until now

The Ultimate Cocktail Making Experience is operated by T.T. Liquor and takes place in an ambient venue that is set across three floors.

This mixology experience will teach you everything you need to know about bring different flavours together via the use of fruit, spirits and syrups as you create a cocktail from your own custom-built cocktail-bar.

Once you’ve become a mixology mastermind, you’ll be able to impress friends and families with your newly acquired skills.


Woodwork Your Own Chopsticks

Woodwork Your Own Chopsticks

In most woodwork classes, it’s not uncommon to learn how to whittle a spoon, but this isn’t any normal woodworking class. This creative London experience ups the ante by allowing those in attendance to create their own pair of chopsticks.

The Woodwork Your Own Chopsticks London experience is led by Charl Heynike, a master carpenter who studied at Central St Martins and has created a wealth of luxury products in the past, including Japanese knives and beautiful humidors.

The day starts with tea and cake as Charl rakes you through some basic woodworking skills, as well as becoming familiar with the tools used in the woodworking process. Once you have completed your own bespoke chopsticks you will be able to take them home and display them with pride.


London Experiences That Are Perfect for Families

Although some will want an experience in London that’s catered for adults, others may be looking to try something new with the whole family. Fortunately, Indytute has a wide range of London experiences that are perfect for all occasions especially when it comes to spending time together as a family.

The following is an overview of some of the experiences available for families looking for something unique to bond over.


Urban Photography Safari

Urban photography masterclass

Taking pictures is something that can be enjoyed n any day out, but those looking to improve their photography skills will love the Urban Photography Safari, which allows you to learn all you need to know about urban photography.

This London experience is led by award-winning photographer James Millar and ensures that you’re able to catch professional-looking photographs with your smartphone.


Design and Makes Beeswax Wraps

Design and Makes Beeswax Wraps

As more and more people are becoming concerned about the environment, they will want to ensure that their impact on the carbon footprint is minimised when whenever possible.

This eco-friendly workshop allows you to create your own wax-sealed wraps that ate the perfect substitute for cling film and can be washed, ironed and used again.

As we as being able to design an make your own beeswax wraps, you’ll also be able to take home three of the wax wraps you created.


Chop, Smash and Destroy

Chop, Smash and Destroy

Regardless of how good you are at sports. a game of table tennis is something everyone enjoys. However, if you’re constantly losing against your competitors, then why not up the ante with the Chop, Smash and Destroy London experience.

The class is led by ping-pong experts Olav and Nicholas who will teach you how to direct the ball and smash your way to victory during your next game of table tennis.

Once you’ve learned all the necessary ping-pong skills, you can try them out against the other students in the class to establish who the real ping pong master is.


Cycle London Landmarks Private Tour

Cycle London Landmarks Private Tour

If you’re looking for a day out with the family where everyone keeps the pace, then why not consider the Cycle London Landmarks Private Tour.

What’s great about the Cycle London Landmarks Private Tour is the families are free to choose their own tour. Whereas some may prefer to view the landmarks that London has to offer? Or maybe you’d prefer to view some of the fascinating street art that can be viewed around London?

Whatever you perfect routes are, the Cycle Landmarks Private Tour London experience offers a tour with a difference and ensures that all family members have access to a bicycle regardless of whether it’s a Pashley bicycle for the adults or a tricycle for the children.






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