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Birthday Gift Experiences in London: Celebrate Your Birthday in Style 

There’s nothing worse than searching for a gift, only to find that there is very little to choose from. If you’re in need of some inspiration for a gift idea, or you’re simply looking to enjoy your birthday in an original way, then there are plenty of birthday gift experiences in London if you know where to look. 

Indytute has been curating a series of original and immersive experiences in London that cater to all tastes, ensuring that there is always a great experience available for those looking to celebrate a birthday in style. 

Get Healthy with a Hula Hoop at Hula Schoola 

Hula Schoola gift experience

The concept of hula hoops never become boring, and now you can relive your childhood while staying fit in the process. This high-octane experience is just the right start to any birthday celebrations and will have you boosted with energy to enjoy other aspects of your big day without feeling lethargic. 

The Hula Schoola experience is led by Marawa the Amazing, who can carry momentum with 133 hoops at the same time. Learning everything you need to know about hula hoops while being blown away by some amazing hula-hoop tricks you never thought possible. 

The East London Wine Walk for Two is Perfect for Those Looking for Some Mystique 

East London Wine Walk

There are people who like wine, and then there are people who love wine. If you’re searching for a birthday experience in London that caters to the latter, then the East London Wine Walk for Two is for you. 

This birthday gift experience is perfect with a friend or loved one and offers an exciting hunt for some of the best wine bars located in East London. Not only will you be able to sample some of the delicious wine available at these mysterious venues, but you’ll also be given all the information you need to know about some of your favourite wine. 

The East London Wine Walk for Town has been put together by Benoit Allauzen, a Sommelier that has worked with some of the best in the business, including the Raymond Blanc and Joel Robuchon. 

Aerial Silks for Beginners Is a Healthy Birthday Experience with a Difference 

Aerial Silks for beginners

If you’ve ever been in awe of trapeze artists and wanted to leant how to perform your own tricks and stunts, then the Aerial Silks For Beginner could be the perfect birthday experience for those looking for something original and fun to try out on their big day. 

The Aerial Silks for Beginners is fronted by Flying Fantastic, a professional aerial silk performance organisation that will help attendees wrap, drop and twist with ease while developing their core. 

The Aerial Silks for Beginners is perfect for those approaching trapeze-themed activities for the first time and is a great bonding activity should you choose to take a friend or loved one along for the ride. 

Musical Bingo Offers a New Take on a Classic 

Musical Bingo gift experience

Are you looking to test the grey matter while still enjoying your love of music? Then why not consider Musical Bingo for your next birthday experience. 

As the name suggests, this isn’t any normal game of bingo. In fact, Musical Bingos is probably unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Gone are the conventional bingo balls and in their place are an abundance of party-themed that will have you thinking while tapping your feet in no time. 

As well as a birthday experience that offers something original, there are also plenty of prizes up for grabs, so if you’re looking for a birthday celebration that throws convention to the side, the Musical Bingo birthday experience is for you. 

The London Spy Walking Tour Is Perfect for Budding Bonds 

London Spy walking tour

Are you searching for the perfect present for those that can’t get enough of Bond and Bourne? Then why not consider the London Spy Walking Tour, the perfect birthday experience for those that like their adventures shaken and not stirred. 

Given the popularity of London, it should come as no surprise that there are many locations in London that have been used for undercover espionage, and this London experience allows you to find out about some of these secret locations while solving some convert missions along the way. 

The London Spy Walking Tour is fun for all in attendance and could even help you brush up those suave skills you never thought you had. 

Canoe Through Little Venice and See London From a New Perspective 

Canoe through little Venice gift experience

Not everyone will know that the concept of canoeing references a free spirit, and let’s be honest, what could be more fun than travelling through London in a canoe while embracing the beautiful aesthetics of Little Venice. 

Starting out at Paddington Basin, the adventure will continue through the Grand Union and Regent’s Canal, offering a completely new perspective on London that males for a brilliant birthday gift experience. 

Each canoe can fit a maximum of three, so there are no worries if you’re looking for some companionship while enjoying this birthday experience. 

Learn to Roller Skate Listening to a Retro Soundtrack 

Roller Disco gift experience

Those looking for adventures on dry land may want to take advantage of this unique and enjoyable birthday gift experience that will have you mastering the art of staying upright on eight wheels in no time. 

Roller skating is something that we’ve all tried and some point, but as we get older it’s easy to assume that roller skating is only for children, but the Learn to Roller Skate birthday experience showcases just how enjoyable roller skating is, regardless of how old you are. 

Although everyone will be keen to try out some new tricks, the Learn to Roller Skate birthday experience ensures that you’re fully aware of the basics before moving on to some cool tricks that can also help you keep fit. 

The Learn to Roller Skate birthday experience is hosted by Tinuke and Obie, who are professional performers, so you can be confident that this birthday experience really is unlike anything you’ve encountered before. 

What’s more, you’ll be encouraged by a series of disco tunes that will have you reminiscing in no time. 

Searching for a birthday gift should be a pleasurable experience, not one that ends in frustration, so why not browse the full range of London birthday experiences available and ensure that your next birthday celebration is a memorable one.

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