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For every music enthusiast, there comes a moment of revelation. A beat, a chord, a melody that seeps deep into the soul. The blues, with its raw emotion and timeless appeal, has been that touchstone for many. If you're a budding guitarist eager to traverse the haunting lanes of blues, we have just the maestro to guide you: John Ellis, the former guitarist of The Stranglers.

Blues Guitar Lesson with John Ellis

A Dive into the Deep Blue

At the heart of blues lies a spirit - a spirit of storytelling, of overcoming, of expressing life's trials and tribulations. The guitar is its mouthpiece, and mastering its techniques is your gateway to speaking this musical language. With John, you won't just learn - you'll feel. From hammer-ons and pull-offs to slides, whams, and those soul-stirring turnarounds, John will immerse you in the world of blues guitar.

The Legacy of a Strangler

For those unfamiliar with the legendary band, The Stranglers gifted the world with their iconic music for over four decades. John Ellis, a key component of their success, is not just a guitarist but an institution in himself. Drawing upon his rich history and wealth of experience, John brings an authenticity to his lessons that's hard to find elsewhere. As he guides you through chord sequences of a 12-bar blues tune, or demonstrates the nuances of playing in different keys, you'll be drinking from a well of musical wisdom.

John Ellis Guitar Lesson

Putting it All Together

And it's not just about individual techniques. The magic happens when it all comes together in a symphony. As the session progresses to its climax, brace yourself for a thrilling jam session with John, diving into some classic blues pieces that encapsulate the essence of this genre.

The Finer Details

Set in the vibrant settings of East or Central London, each 4-hour session caters to a group of passionate blues aficionados, limited to 10 to ensure a personalised touch. While tailored primarily for beginners, those with a foundational knowledge will find deeper layers to uncover. Just ensure you're acquainted with some basic scales and chords - E, A B7, G, C, D. Remember, acoustic guitars only (which you'll need to bring) to keep the aura truly bluesy.

Whether you're eager to embrace the energy of a live group session or crave the intimacy of a 1-on-1 lesson over Zoom, the choice is yours. And with the wisdom of a musical legend at your fingertips, this experience promises to be transformative.

The beauty of the blues lies in its universality. It's a song of the heart, of life's ebbs and flows. This is your chance to not just play, but to live the blues, under the guidance of a true musical genius. Whether you're a budding guitarist or a blues enthusiast, this session with John Ellis is more than a lesson; it's a journey. A journey into the heart of music.

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