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Paper and wood have been at the foundations of creation for several years, so it should come as no surprise to see the two used together seamlessly in this creative and original bird-making workshop. 

This half-day experience allows those with a creative side to show their love for birds by creation a barn owl or hummingbird. 

All the techniques you need to know will be taught in the class and all materials needed will be supplied.  

As well as being treated to a unique creative experience, those that attend the Paper and Wood Bird Making workshop will be given an extensive tour of the workshop and the opportunity to view some sketches used in past works. 

The Paper and Wood Bird Making London experience lasts for five and a half hours and provides light refreshment throughout the day. 

The workshop is led by the talented Zach Mclaughlin and during this immersive London experience, you will be taught all the techniques needed to create your own hummingbird or barn owl. 

A Great Gift for Creative Minds 

Paper and Wood Bird Making

Being able to create allows us to find inner calm and explore our creative side, but to get the most enjoyment from creating new objects, we must be confident in the approach we are taking. 

Regardless of whether you are a newbie working with paper and wood for the first time or a seasoned professional looking for some additional pointers, you can be confident that there’s always something to take away with the art class with a difference. 

An Original Gift for Ornithologists 

Paper and Wood Bird Making

If you are looking for a gift for ornithologists that not only caters to their interest in birds but also allows them to create their own paper and wood bird that can be displayed with pride. 

The Paper and Wood Bird Making workshop allow ornithologists to try their skills in other areas and produce something that fits in with their interests perfectly and could even inspire another hobby. 

Discover a New Hobby 

Paper and Wood Bird Making

There can be times when we need to slow down and unwind, and a hobby is a great way of achieving this. However, sometimes it can be difficult deciding on a new hobby, especially if you are looking for something that takes you away from the digital world. 

Indytute understands that people unwind in different ways which is why it ensures that there is a workshop or event to cater for all interests, and the Paper and Wood Bird Making London experience is no exception. 

As well as allowing you to meet other people and create wondrous works of art with ease, the Paper and Wood Bird Making workshop is an excellent primer for those wanting to work with wooden and paper sculptures for the long-term. 

Spend Times with Loved Ones in a Different Way 

Paper and Wood Bird Making

Some people may want to spend more time with their loved ones whereas others may be looking for something that allows them to bond with their family in a creative setting. In either instance, the Paper and Wood Bird Making workshop is the perfect gift.

Not only is this London experience one that will be enjoyed by all that attend, but also allows you to create a bespoke piece of art that can be displayed and act as a reminder of the good times you had with friends and loved ones. 

The Paper and Wood Bird Making Workshop is One of Many Unique London Experiences 

Paper and Wood Bird Making

The Paper and Wood Bird Making Workshop is the perfect gift idea in many different scenarios, but there will be times when people are looking for something different when it comes to a unique London experience. 

Indytute understands how important choice is, which is why it works hard to curate a series of workshops and London experiences that ensure that the perfect gift idea is never far away. 

Not only does Indytute offer a wide choice of London experiences, but it also ensures that booking an event or workshop is straightforward. Simply choose the London experience you want to purchase along with the recipient’s email address, and full details of how the experience can be redeemed will be included in the email. 

If you’re looking for an experience that offers something different, educational or a mixture of both, then why not browse the London experiences available at Indytute and try something new today. 

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