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We all know what limos consist of, and although they can offer a premium way of travelling it’s fair to say that some of the offerings are a little conventional. This isn’t to say that the concept of limo driving is old hat, but a London experience with a bit of twist can make all the difference when navigating around London. 

Indytute strives to provide the best original London experiences available, and this is made evident by its unique Motorbike Across London experience, which offers an original way of taking in the sights. 

The Limo Bike is a concept that turns the concept of limos on its head by offering a motorcycle alternative. There’s no need to be concerned about safety, as the Limo Bike has been designed with passengers in mind, so ensures that you're comfortably situated on the motorcycle and you’re kept secure during the journey. 

What’s more, passengers can choose the route that suits them best, so if you’re looking for a London experience that allows you to see London in a completely new way while offering something more exciting when compared to conventional limo options, then the Motorbike Across London experience is for you. 

An Ideal gift For Adrenaline Enthusiasts 

Motorbike Across London

Are you looking for the perfect gift for those that are always first of the queue for roller coasters? Or are the first people zip lining for charity? Then why not consider the Motorbike Across London experience. Although safety is paramount, this doesn’t make this unique London experience any less thrilling. 

Regardless of whether they’re attending a party, or want to arrive at a date in style, the Motorbike Across London experience is perfect for those that love thrills and spills. 

A Great Alternative to an Uber 

Motorbike Across London

Ubers and taxis provide a convenient way of travelling around London, but if you’re looking for an experience for a special event, then why not consider the Motorbike Across London experience. 

Offering the same benefits of an Uber, the Motorbike Across London experience is a more exciting way of taking in the sights or arriving at a social event in style. 

As those redeeming the voucher will be able to choose their destination, the Motorbike Across London experience is perfect for those looking to travel in luxury or give a gift that will be remembered for the long-term. 

A Perfect Present for Petrolheads 

Motorbike Across London

Regardless of where you are in the world, there will always be friends and loved ones that can’t get enough of cars, motorcycles and other forms of transportation. If you’re looking for a gift that petrolheads will love, then why not offer them a 40-minute journey on a premium motorcycle while taking in the sights of London. 

Regardless of whether the person you’re buying the gift for is interested in motorcycles, racing cars or trucks, it’s hard not to be impressed by the concept of the limo bikes and the luxurious journeys they’re able to offer. 

Perfect for All Weather Conditions 

Motorbike Across London

When booking a London experience involving motorcycles, it’s understandable that some may be concerned about the weather conditions. Those that book the Motorbike Across London experience via Indytute can be confident that they’re able to enjoy their ride in style regardless of the weather as all the required gear is supplied. 

All you have to worry about is where to spend your time with a unique and exciting London experience. 

Indytute Offers a Wide Choice of Unique London Experiences 

The Motorbike Across London experience is just one of the many unique activities available on the Indytute platform. As well as offering a wide choice of London experiences that deliver thrills and spills, some experiences are fine-tuned to help people find their inner calm. 

Regardless of the type of gift or event, you’re looking for, you can be confident that the perfect London experience can be found in every instance. 

Enjoy Safe and Secure Bookings on Indytute 

Given the concerns surrounding online security, Indytute has ensured that a robust and encrypted payment process is in place, ensuring that no nefarious parties ever catch sight of your payment details. 

As well as offering a truly secure payment platform, Indytute can also ensure that the forwarding of vouchers to recipients is straightforward. 

Simply purchase the London experience and the person’s email address, and they will be sent the code along with full instruction of how to redeem the London experience. 

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