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Regardless of whether you’re visiting London or a full-time resident, there’s no denying that there is an abundance of activities that can help pique your interest, but this isn’t to say that some aren’t looking for London experiences that offer something original. 

The Make Light! Neon Workshop is a one-day workshop that has students working with neon and allows them to create their own bespoke neon. 

The Make Light! Neon Workshop is hosted by Richard William Wheater and those in attendance will be able to transform their sketches into a tactile piece of neon that can be taken home 

Everything you need to create your bespoke neon is provided, and you will be taught all the tactics needed to craft your own neon. 

The workshop takes place at The Greenhouse situated in Stoke Newington and operates three times a year. 

All the Help You Need is Provided 

Make Light! Neon Workshop

Despite neon being fun to work with, it can be complicated to those that have never worked it before. Fortunately, the Make Light! Neon Workshop is designed to cater to all skill levels. Those working with neon for the first time will be given all the help needed, while those that have more experience can add to their current skill set. 

All London experiences offered by Indytute have been curated to ensure that those attending the London experiences are getting full value of money, and there is never nay need to feel overwhelmed, as the professionals running the class will ensure that you feel calm and will ensure that you enjoy every aspect of the workshop, 

An Ideal London Experience for Creative Minds 

Make Light! Neon Workshop

When looking for gifts for someone creative there can be a lot of choice available, but nothing compares to the Make Light! Neon Workshop when it comes to originality. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an original experience to gift, or a workshop that allows you to create a tailored neon gift, then the Make Light! Neon Workshop is a perfect choice. 

Perfect for Couples Looking for an Original Pastime 

Make Light! Neon Workshop

Although there are a lot of experiences that can be enjoyed in London, those that are keen to embrace new experiences will adore the Make Light! Neon Workshop. 

Being able to create together allows for some quality bonding times, and what’s more you can create some custom neon that will be reflected on for years to come, and act as a memory for some of the good times a couple has spent together. 

A Superb Present or Those Love Nostalgia 

Make Light! Neon Workshop

Despite neon still being as popular today as it was when first introduced in 1898. However, the concept of neon has a lot of connections to the 70s and 80s, making it an interest among those that can’t get enough of anything retro or nostalgic. 

As such, the Make Light! Neon Workshop is a London experience that allows fans of nostalgia to create their own retro inspired neon that can be displayed among other nostalgic items. 

Of course, those that want to give a custom-made neon gift can attend the class themselves and then gift the finished product. The possibilities are endless when it comes to London experience, especially if you’re making a booking via Indytute. 

Be Confident of Secure Bookings 

People are rightly concerned about entering their payment details online, and Indytute understands the worry that many face, which is why it ensures that its payment gateway is fully encrypted and secure. 

As well as offering a safe and secure payment platform, Indytute also ensures that the booking of London experiences is straightforward, and the forwarding of vouchers is straightforward. 

Indytute only offers the most professional and enjoyable London experiences, so regardless of the experience or workshop booked, customers can be confident of an experience that offers something original and enjoyable, as well as a great way of socialising. 

If you’re searching for an London experience as a gift idea or just want to ensure that your next experience in London is an original one, then why not browse the full range of London experiences available at Indytute.

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