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Regardless of whether you enjoy dining out or enjoy a visit to the pictures, London has plenty of venues available, but food enthusiasts and cinephiles may be looking for something more original when it comes to a London experience, and the Cinema Supper Club with Cocktails is an example of this. 

What makes the Cinema Supper Club with Cocktails experience so original is that the food is themed around the country the movies derives from, so you can be confident that you’re always enjoying an exotic dish that reflects the movie you’re watching, as well as some delicious cocktails in the process. 

The movies being shown also offer something original. Instead of Hollywood blockbuster starring The Rock and Jason Statham, you will be introduced to movies that offer a different take on the world of cinema. 

More and more people are setting their sights on international media because of the original visuals and storytelling, and the Cinema Supper Club offers enough original movies from around the world to ensure that even the most hard-to-please movie buff is entertained. 

The experience on offer from Indytute offers VIP seating, a cocktail upon arrival and a cocktail pairing for the main meal. 

Enjoy a Series of Different Venues 

Cinema and Supper Club with Cocktails

The Cinema Supper Club with Cocktails is a London experience that is held at various venues throughout London, so even those that have enjoyed the Cinema and Supper Club in the past will find that there’s still plenty to enjoy. 

As the food and drink are based on the origin of the movie, diners can also be confident that they’re being treated to new food each time they attend. 

If you’ve experienced the Cinema Supper Club and are keen to show others what they’re missing, then why not make a booking today? 

A Great Alternative to a Night at the Pictures 

Cinema and Supper Club with Cocktails

A trip to the cinema is something that is enjoyed by many couples and groups of friends, but there can be times when the experience is hindered by noise or the movie itself offers nothing new. 

The Cinema Supper Club with Cocktails ensures that the movies being shown are appealing and offer something different to the movies seen at the cinema. 

You can also set aside the popcorn and Pepsi, as this original experience offers accompanying meals and cocktails, suffice to say there isn’t another experience that pairs movies and food in a way the Cinema Supper club does. 

A Brilliant Birthday Present 

Cinema and Supper Club with Cocktails

Are you struggling to find a gift for the person who has everything? Then why not consider one of the many London experiences available at Indytute. Those looking for original gifts will find there is no shortage of London experiences that are perfect, including the Cinema Supper Club with Cocktails. 

As well as offering something original, the London experience itself is one that the person wouldn’t have experienced before, meaning that the gift you give will be one that’s remembered for some time. 

A Superb Celebration for Mother’s or Father’s Day 

Cinema and Supper Club with Cocktails

If you’re looking for an original way to celebrate Father’s or Mother’s Day, then why not consider the Cinema Supper Club with Cocktails. As well as treating your parents to a movie that they wouldn’t have seen before, they also get the chance to sample some fine dining and delicious cocktails. 

It’s not only the food and movies that will create the perfect celebration, as the ambience is something that must be experienced, regardless of the venue the London experience is being hosted at. 

Enjoy Safe and Secure Bookings with Indytute 

As well as ensuring that customers have plenty of choice concerning unique London experiences, Indytute also ensures that customers can be confident when making a booking thanks to its safe and secure payment platform. 

Customers can also be confident that when making a booking, the forwarding of vouchers is straightforward. 

All details needed to redeem the voucher are included in the email forwarded, so all that’s left for customers to do is enjoy the experience. 

The Cinema and Supper Club is just an example of some of the maxing London experiences available, so if you’re looking for an original gift idea, or just want to ensure that your next London adventure is a memorable one, then why not browse the full range of London experiences available at Indytute today.

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