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Although there are plenty of sights in London that can be enjoyed solo, most of the fun that experiences have to offer are more fun with done with a friend or a loved one. 

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a gift idea with a difference, or you’re looking for a different type of London experience, then why not consider some of the London experiences for two via Indytute

Some may prefer to choose an activity that allows them to learn a new skill, whereas others may want to enjoy food in a completely new way. 

Whatever type of experience you’re looking for, you can be confident that there are plenty of London Experiences for two that can be enjoyed, including the following. 

Become an Origami Master for Two 

Origami experience London

Anyone that enjoys making paper aeroplanes will know how therapeutic the folding of paper can be, and this is experience is taken to the next level courtesy of the Become an Origami Master London experience which is designed for two people. 

As well as aiding hand-to-eye co-ordination and improving memory, the workshop will also teach couples how to fold paper into a sculpture that you never thought possible. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a date night that offers something different, or simply looking for a gift idea that will be a hit, then why not consider the Become an Origami Master for Two Experience

Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power Station 

Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power Station

Initially, going for a meal may seem like an experience that can be enjoyed anywhere, but the Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power Station offers something different when it comes to exploring the culinary delights that London can offer. 

The Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power Station offers two options for diners, a three-course lunch or nine-dish sharing supper, which both include a drink upon a couple’s arrival. 

Not only will couples be able to explore the iconic landmark that was the beating heart of London before it decommissioned in 1975, but will also be able to enjoy a self-guided tour that explains the vast history of this since-converted Grade II listed building. 

Learn to Swing Dance in a Day for Two 

Learn to swing dance

Dancing is like fashion, in that the style of yesterday proves to be even more popular in the modern age, and the enjoyable toe-tapping that swing dancing can offer is no exception. 

Swing Patrol are pioneers when it comes to swing dancing, are willing to help introduce you and a dancing partner to some of the most popular dance steps in the swing community. 

Upon arrival, you and a partner will be introduced to the six-beat swing for the first hour, followed by the Lindy Hop. Following a much-deserved break, those in attendance will then be taught the popular Charleston. 

Partners will be changed throughout the sessions to ensure that those in attendance are able to the perfect the moves they’ve just learned. 

The Learn to Swing Dance in a Day for Two is a popular London experience for those looking to spend time with a friend in different surroundings, a date night with a difference or a gift idea for those that are difficult to buy for. 

Cinema Supper Club with Cocktails for Two 

Cinema supper club

A meal and a movie can be the perfect tonic for a night out with a friend or loved one, but what about those that are looking for something more original when it comes to their experience? 

Indytute ensures that each London experience offers something different, and this is no exception with the Cinema Supper Club London experience. 

Diners are treated to a slice of world cinema and will be served a meal that aligns with the origin of the movie. This ensures that those looking for London experiences for two can enjoy what they love albeit with an original spin. 

The Cinema Supper Club with Cocktails for Two London experience for two also offers VIP seats and a cocktail on arrival. 

This immersive and original London experience occurs on a Thursday or Friday night once a month across several locations in London. 

Fine Dining by Bus 

Fine dining by bus

If you enjoy bus tours but you’re looking for something different, then the Fine Dining by Bus London experience is one that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’re looking to spend some time with a friend or loved one in a unique way. 

The converted bus offers diners a private booth upstairs which allows passengers to enjoy a six-course meal while enjoying the views of London outside. There’s no shortage of information with the Fine Dining by Bus London experience, thanks to the included wands that deliver information about some of the sights along the way. 

Regardless of whether you’re local to London or visiting the city for the first time, the Fine Dining by Bus London Experience is perfect for those looking to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones, while trying something that can’t be experienced elsewhere. 

The Perfect Sausage London Experience for Two 

The perfect sausage

If you’ve ever wondered as to whether the perfect sausage exits, then this London experience for two that must be tried. 

It’s easy to take the humble sausage for granted, but the Hampstead Butchers & Providore understand that the best sausage needs the best ingredients as well as the right approach when creating the sausages and offers its knowledge via this unique London experience for two. 

The Perfect Sausage London Experience can be enjoyed with a friend or partner and is the perfect experience for those that love to know what type of food they’re consuming. 

As well as learning how to prep the sausage meat, you will also learn how to link the sausages, and you’ll be able to take home 

Sourdough Masterclass Experience 

Sourdough masterclass

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to their favourite type of bread, but it's sourdough that had been finding popularity among food fanatics. As such, the Sourdough Masterclass Experience offers all you need to know about creating this chewy and delicious bread. 

Much of the sourdough found in supermarkets has ingredients to speed up the baking process, meaning that we’re not always eating genuine sourdough, so the Sourdough Masterclass Experience ensures that those looking to create delicious and genuine sourdough have access to everything they need.

Those that attend the Sourdough Masterclass Experience will experiment with different doughs and learn how to make production leavens. Once the art of the sourdough bread manufacturing process has been mastered, you and a friend or loved one can take home their own loaf of sourdough bread. 

Terrarium Design School for Two 

Terrarium Design School for Two

Those with green fingers will find that there always something to do, but after working in the garden for several hours, some may be looking for a London experience that can help with relaxation while still being able to cater to their love of greenery. 

The Terrarium Design School for Two is a London experience that allows you and a friend or loved one to design and plant a terrarium with ease. 

Not only will those in attendance be given access to all the materials they need, but on perfecting their craft, will also be able to take away a biosphere that can help showcase your newly acquired skill. 

As well as being an excellent London experience of those that enjoy plants, gardening and natural surroundings overall, the Terrarium Design School for Two is also a great way of spending time together with a friend and loved ones while enjoying something different. 

Take Flight London Experience for Two

Take flight

Are you looking for a sightseeing experience for two in London that isn’t confined to four wheels? Then the Take Flight London Experience for two could be for you. 

As the name of this London experience for two suggests, the Take Flight experience allows two people to explore London in a completely unique way. 

No more do those looking to spend together have to put with slow-moving traffic when enjoying the sights of London, as you will be in the capable hands of a professional pilot that can show you and those close to you a different perspective of London. 

Magical London Private Tour 

Magical London private tour

Do you believe in magic? Or maybe you’re a veteran of London history looking for something more original when it comes to tour experiences for London? In either event, the Magical London Private Tour could be the London experience for you. 

This unique London experience for two is hosted by famed magician James Pritchard, famed for his work on BBC2’s ‘The Restaurant’ as well as stints hosting magic shows on the children’s television channel Nickelodeon. 

Not only will James amaze those in attendance with immersive and dramatic stories that delve in the great unknown, but he will also perform a series of awe-inspiring magic tricks along the way. 

If you’re looking for a gift that will appeal to Harry Potter fans, then the Magical London Private Tour could be just the ticket, especially as those that attend will be able to see the real-life Diagon Alley. 

Paper Butterflies for Two 

Paper butterfly workshop

When it comes to London experiences for two, more and more people are keen to embrace their creative side, which is why Indytute aims to offer a wide selection of London experiences for two that are perfect for those with a creative mind and the Paper Butterflies London experience for two is just an example. 

Butterflies have long been a fascination with nature enthusiasts, and the charm and beauty they offer have meant that they have become mascots for those looking for home décor ideas with a difference. 

The Paper Butterflies for Two London experience for two goes one better by allowing a couple to metamorphosis paper and wire and shape it into that of a beautiful butterfly. 

All the materials needed to create a tribute to this beautiful insects is provided and by the time a workshop is finished, those in attendance will learn all the skills necessary to ensure that butterfly creation can be continued long after the workshop has finished. 

Studio Time Abstract Art 

Studio time art class


There are many times when people want to try out their creative side, but they’re unsure of where they should begin. 

Studio Time Abstract Art Class is a London experience that can be enjoyed by two people who may be looking for some motivation when it comes to putting brush to paper, regardless of whether you’re painting for the first time or looking or a London experience that helps improve your current technique, the Studio Time Abstract Art London experience a worthwhile consideration. 

This London experience can be enjoyed with friends and loved one and ensure that all the motivation you need to get started is present. The workshop is hosted by Georgie Mason, an abstract landscape artist who operates from Stepney City Farm, and all classes are kept small so you can focus on the smaller details. 

All materials needed for the experience are provided, and there’s even a plentiful amount of tea, coffee and biscuits. 

There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending time with friends, family and loved ones, and booking a London experience for two ensures that there is always something new and different to enjoy, and you could even learn a new skill in the process. 


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