Sourdough Masterclass

Sourdough Masterclass

from £50.00

Want proper sourdough everyday? Well now you can bake your own after acquiring all the skills at our London masterclass.

  • Learn a new skill

  • Bread and 'starter' to take home

  • Monthly availability

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Sourdough Masterclass

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Learn the best techniques and get a great 'starter' for baking your own bread.  


Chewy and delicious, full of holes and yeast free. This type of baking, using a ‘starter’ to make the bread rise has been around for thousands of years. It is gluten free, and although the ancient Egyptians probably weren’t aware, it’s the incredibly slow fermentation of the starter that ensures this bread is kind to your stomach, and prevents the terrible bread bloat. It takes a bit of practice to get your hand in, but once you have the technique sorted other more instant types of bread will seem rather pappy and uninteresting.


This bread does require patience, but not much effort. The starter is a flour and water mix, that begins to feed and multiply, producing bubbles of gas, and the flavours that give sourdough it’s unique taste. It’s also worth noting that in a recent ‘Which’ survey only four out of nineteen supermarket sourdough loaves were made with the correct ingredients and no additives. Yeast, yogurt and even vinegar had all been added to the mix to speed up the process and cash in on the trend. So if you care about the genuine product you must either go to an artisan baker or D.I.Y.

Start now on your sourdough journey. Learn how to make starters and production leavens and also experiment with different doughs. By the end of the workshop you will have a handmade sourdough loaf to take home, your own starter for future bakes and the all vital recipes. Just bring on the smashed avocado baby...


Dates are available from May 2020, class is 11am - 2pm, usually the last Saturday of the month. In Walthamstow, London.


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