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Live a Little with a Loved One: London Experiences Perfect for Experimental Couples

Although there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a movie or a meal, those with a more adventurous side may be looking to explore what other options available when it comes to getting to know their better half in more detail.

Of course, there is always something to do in London, but if you and a loved one are looking for something different, then why not consider some of the following London experiences that will allow you to truly bond and have fun with ease.

Become an Origami Master and Enjoy a New Vibe in London

Are you tired of shouting over loud talking and music when trying to get to know your partner in more details, it can be stressful right?

The origami class for two not only allows a couple to really enjoy others company, but it also allows them to adopt a new skill in the process.

Master your inner Kawaii with this unique class that is fronted by Toshiko’s easy-to-follow masterclass?

As well as being able to craft paper into amazing works of art, a couple will also be able to feel completely relaxed, allowing for some real quality tie together.

Of course, it’s not only couples wanting to get to know each other that can benefit from the class, as this unique London experience also makes for a great anniversary gift.

Locates at the award-winning Snooty Fox, all materials are provided, so all you need to bring is your imagination.

Fancy Becoming the Next Fred Astaire or Ginger Roberts? Learn to Swing Dance in a Day

The concept of a couple dancing has just been taken to the next level. Instead of dancing to hits from the top 40, couples will be learning how to rocks step courtesy of the Swing Patrol.

Those keen to embrace their love of swing have a choice of destinations to choose from, including East London, Brixton or Islington.

As well as dancing with your partner, you will also be rotating partners throughout the four-hour class, as this allows you both to become more accustomed to social dancing.

Maybe you’re about to get married and are looking for something different that still looks amazing on the big day? Then look no further than the Learn to Swing Dance in a Day Experience in London.

Are You a Competitive Couple? Up the Ante with a Table Tennis Masterclass

There’s nothing wrong with a competitive couple, in fact, it can help take a relationship to the next level.

However, there can be times when a couple becomes bored with the more conventional competitive options and want to really showcase their skills in the right environment.

Not only is table tennis a competitive and high-energy sport, but it’s also easy to learn. However, there can be times where the serving and placing of the ball still needs some improvement.

If you’re looking to get on an even footing with a loved one, then why not take advantage of the Table Tennis Masterclass.

As well as being able to learn how to place, serve and direct the ball, you will also learn how to chop and smash! What does this mean?

It means that when it comes to a one-on-one game of table tennis, both of you will be able to test your newly acquired skills with students in the class, as well as with each other.

This fun-loving experience maximises laughs as well as offering something different and is perfect for those looking for a date idea with a difference.

Enjoy a Spooky Silent Disco in Hammersmith

Are you a fan of scary movies? Or maybe you just want to learn about the dark side of London? Regardless of what scares you as a couple, this spooky silent disco allows couples to become familiar with the hauntings of Hammersmith.

Hear the sinister tales of how ordinary Londoners in the W6 area became too scared to move during the 19th century.

People were so scared that the life of bricklayer was taken, with the person responsible thinking he was the Hammersmith ghost.

Here about this fascinating story in more details, as you listen to a collective of ghoulish tracks that set the mood perfectly.

Just because the walk is focused on ghosts doesn’t mean that there aren’t laughs to be had, and the story really is one of the most interesting ones you will hear when it comes to ghoulish goings-on in London.

Caress Your Creative Side with the London Jewellery Workshop

Everyone loves jewellery, but imagine if you and a loved one have been part of the crafting process.

As well as learning to make bespoke jewellery using an ancient approach, you will also be mixing with others as you and your partner learn how to use wax to create your own solid silver masterpiece.

Of course, perfecting your creation takes time, but fear not, as your tailored trinket will be delivered to you within three weeks.

Not only is this an immersive and unique experience, but it’s also something that can offer a keepsake that’s truly unlike any other.

When it comes to experiences in London, there are many to choose from, regardless of what makes you tick.

If you’re looking for a date with a difference or something unusual as a gift idea then why not check out some of the brilliant experiences available.

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