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Exploring your creative side can yield several benefits, but the form of expression chosen must be the best fit for your artistic endeavours. Even though the many avenues available to budding artists, the print world is becoming popular among amateur and professional artists.

Although the Internet provides people with many digital options regarding printing, something about a handmade print stands out. Those who want to try a hands-on approach to printing will be glad to hear that there are options available, even for those on a limited budget.

Making prints has been popular for hundreds of years, but some conventional materials can leave a little to be desired regarding the quality of the print. Fortunately, this is never the case with lino printing, which can achieve fantastic results, regardless of whether you are a professional or trying lino printing for the first time.

What Is Lino Printing?

Lino printing is a form of print that creates designs using patterns cut into the linoleum. Although there are materials available that can be used for printing, using lino allows for more flexibility and better results when printing.

While a series of products can be created with lino printing, it is also easier to make prints using the material.

Is Lino Printing Easy?

One of the misconceptions about lino printing is that it can be challenging to carry out. Although there can be instances when the cutting of lino can be tricky the first time around, many soon get into the swing of lino cutting and printing and are amazed at the detailed design they can create with little effort.

Is Lino Printing Eco-Friendly?

More and more people are keen to ensure their pastimes and lifestyle have little effect on the environment, with many asking whether lino printing is eco-friendly. As lino is made from a natural material, those wishing to carry out lino printing will not affect the environment.

The use of lino printing can even be used for upcycling, meaning that those introducing lino printing into their lives could find their creations not only impresses admirers of their work but also help reduce the carbon footprint.

What Is a Lino Print Kit?

A lino print kit can come in several forms but will often consist of a printing board, cutting tools, and ink. However, buying these items can be expensive, which may not be ideal for those trying out lino printing for the first time.

How Much Should I Spend on a Lino Print Kit?

How much you should spend on a lino print goal can depend on your creative pursuits. However, those wanting to start lino printing as a hobby will find a starter kit is more than capable of meeting their needs.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Lino Print Kit?

To get the full benefit from Lino cutting, you must ensure you have the right tools to hand. Although this is not always affordable using conventional methods, those wanting to try their hand at this innovative form of printing will find the Lino Cutting Kit from Indytute to be the perfect primer.

There are many other benefits associated with a Lino Print Kit. As the kit can be delivered directly to your doorstep and contains everything you need to get started, you can start enjoying the peace and calm that can be achieved with a Lino Print Kit from Indytute.

The Lino Print kit is also ideal for those wanting a new hobby that could potentially lead to bigger things. Some may have tried other pastimes only to find they don’t deliver the desired results.

Is Lino Print Better Than Woodcut Printmaking?

As several forms of printmaking are available, some may be concerned that they are not choosing the correct method. Although wood has been an integral part of printing for many years, it is not the best fit for everyone as it often shows the grain of the wood on the design.

In comparison, lino print allows for a clean and faultless look that ensures designs can be recreated easily during the printing process. Of course, some will like the grain effect in their work, but using lino in conjunction with wood printing ensures that you can consistently achieve the desired result quickly.

Where Can I Learn to Print with Lino?

As well as requiring access to the right tools, lino cutting also requires a slight learning curve. There are many sources of information online, but those trying out lino printing for the first time will often prefer some guidance as they create their print.

Fortunately, those who choose the Lino Print Kit not only receive all the tools and equipment needed to get started with lino printing but can also take advantage of an online tutorial to ensure that your final design is a success.

What Items Can Be Made with Lino Print?

It is not only the design of the print itself that can bring joy to the lives of creatives but the items that can be created when using the final print. Some may want to use their Lino Print Kit to crate innovative t-shirts, whereas others may want to make their own works of art to display around the home or office.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to using a lino print, and the possibilities are endless for those with a creative mind. If you are ready to start with lino print, why not order your kit from Indytute today?

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