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From Salami to Chorizo: A Workshop Like No Other

Imagine crafting your very own Chorizo and Salami in the heart of Bray. The Charcuterie Curing Experience offered by The Indytute blends tradition and innovation, turning a workshop into a memorable outing.

Why Choose Bray?

Situated on the scenic High Street of Bray, just an hour from London, this village is renowned for its culinary gems. With its reputation as a top food destination, Bray sets the stage for a charcuterie workshop par excellence. Here, artisans, passionate about their craft, dedicate themselves to curing the finest British meats. From award-winning Berkshire salami to Hogget Bresaola, each piece is a testament to dedication and expertise.

The Workshop Experience

In this workshop, you won't just learn, you'll do. Discover multiple curing techniques and delve into the intricacies of Salami stuffing with a specialised machine. The culmination of your efforts will be a beautifully cold-smoked treat. And what's more? Savour a cured meat lunch, showcasing the charcuterie artistry you've just embraced.

Our Recommendations

This is more than just a culinary day out; it's an immersion into a cherished tradition. Perfect for those seeking distinctive gifts for couples or individuals eager to explore unique food & drink experiences, Bray promises a day to remember.

What You Need to Know:

  • Location: Burnham, SL1
  • Duration: 3.3-4hrs
  • Availability: Both weekdays and weekends, monthly sessions.
  • Inclusions: Delectable cured meat lunch (Note: This experience isn't suitable for vegetarians)
  • Pro Tip: If you're in Bray for the weekend, there's a world of culinary delights awaiting exploration!

Seamless Booking

Keen to get started? Choose your desired gift experience and make the purchase. A voucher, replete with all essential information, will be sent your way. Whether it's a gift or a treat for yourself, setting the date is straightforward. A world of charcuterie mastery awaits you in Bray!

Embark on a Charcuterie Journey!

With flavours, expertise, and stories waiting for you at Bray, this is an invitation to craft and savour the world of charcuterie. Whether a gourmet aficionado or someone looking for a distinctive experience, The Indytute's workshop in Bray is an open invitation.

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