Discover London's Street Art by Mini Cooper

Discover London's Street Art by Mini Cooper

  • 2 hours for 3 people

  • Try graffiti

  • Knowledgeable & humorous guides

Discover the evolution from graffiti to art by Classic Mini Cooper focusing on the infamous Banksy for 3 people.


Is it possible? Did street art just get cooler? Well no, but the tour did. A mini cooper is art on four wheels, and these cars come with names. Choose from the Betty, Lulu, Rosie and Lily, for a private tour of London’s street art. Your guide and driver, can pick you up from your chosen location, and then spray cans at the ready, discover the Big City in a small car.


This 2 hour jaunt takes you on a tour of central and East London, to discover the evolution from graffiti to art.  Focus will be on the most prolific street artist of all time - Banksy. Learn the story of his life, and visit the locations where the art has survived the test of time. Of course the nature of the beast is a constantly evolving process, so you can also try your hand at creating by tagging in the famous graffiti tunnel in Leake Street. 


You can get 3 people in a mini. The tour happens within Zone 1 and you can decide your pick up point. The experience happens at a time and date suitable to you, but please allow at least 3 weeks to book your experience or contact us with the date you had in mind.

You can read more about our Mini Cooper experiences here.


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