Sauna and Plunge

Sauna and Plunge

from £50.00

Indulge in Shoreditch's scandi-chic sauna oasis, complete with designer saunas, invigorating plunge pods, wellness classes focusing on controlled breathing, and a boutique cafe for post-sauna relaxation.

  • 1.5 hours

  • Shoreditch

  • 1 hour wellness class + 30 minute Sauna and Plunge


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Immerse yourself in scandi-chic nirvana, designer saunas, invigorating plunge pods, and wellness classes. Give an experience of luxurious calm.


Your endorphins are running amok, tensions are rapidly fading away and your muscles are breathing a sign of relief.  Where are you?  In the latest sauna adventure, deep in the heart of Shoreditch. The outside of the building is very understated, but once inside this nirvana of wellness the atmosphere is one of scandi chic.

The sauna was practically invented by the Swedes, who realised very early on that dry heat is more than just a body treatment, it is also a social experience.  Feel your body visibly relax as you enter this cream and white temple to heat and ice.

Plants filter the air and soften the space. There are two delightfully designer saunas - one traditionally heated, the other by infrared and the space is edged with 3D printed (really) plunge pods. They are the epitome of smart. Divided from each other by glass screens they are defined by their coldness.  6 degrees for the hardened plunger, 8 or 10 degrees if you want a slow build, or if you aren’t feeling up to a total dip there is a shower for a quick, sharp shock.  There is a maximum of eight people per session, so overcrowding is never going to be an issue.


The studio also offers wellness classes. There are up to three classes a day to choose from, guaranteed to have you floating on air for the rest of the day. Breathing is core to these workshops. Learning how to control your breathing promotes deep relaxation, helping you to sleep better and release tension. Combine one of these classes with a sauna and plunge session, and it can literally change the way you look at life.

So take the plunge, join the well-being movement. No hair shirt, just a calm, luxurious, exclusive experience, complete with a boutique cafe.


  • Location: Shoreditch
  • Includes 1 hour wellness class and 30 minute Sauna and Plunge session 
  • Weekdays 6.30am - 8pm  /  Weekends 8am - 7pm
  • Up to 10 people per class, Up to 8 people per sauna/plunge Spa session


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