PRIVATE: Terrarium Design School

PRIVATE: Terrarium Design School

  • One to One

  • Skill for life

  • Leave with a terrarium

Learn to design, plant and sustain a divine terrarium for one


Learn to design, plant and sustain a divine terrarium with our wonderful botanical expert, Alyson. You’ll leave having made your very own miniature, low-maintenance and on-trend biosphere. At the end of the class, you’ll leave merrily clutching your own unique work of art.


During the class you’ll learn how to create your own easy-to-keep but beautiful indoor garden. Master the art of wiggling little plants through thin bottlenecks (think cacti, succulents, orchids, and tropicals) and making them snug with charcoal, stones and soil. As well as being given all the materials you need to create your own terrarium, you’ll learn how to make the tools to work with difficult bottle shapes (ever tried squeezing a cactus into a bottle?) and how to choose plants which thrive in their own microclimate. 


Everything you need – glass containers, plants, soil and accessories – will be provided on the day. You’re more than welcome to bring your own container if you have something special planned. Each session lasts 1.5 hours and takes place at Alyson's studio in Bethnal Green. This is a private session and times and dates are for you to organise with Alyson, who is extremely flexible. 


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