Pottery Workshop for Two

Pottery Workshop for Two

  • 2 hours. 2 people.

  • Make 3 pots

  • Lovely Couples Experience

Clay chic. A two-hour session, that introduces you to the pleasure of creating ceramics.


Pottery is having something of a renaissance in the home. And so it should. Art created from a lump of moist clay, fashioned on a wheel to produce something totally unique to the potter who made it. Truly no two pots will ever be the same. We don’t like to overuse the word mindful, but this is a craft where you can find the hours passing without thought as you tune into the clay. 


Jess Joslin is an experienced potter, creating hand-thrown functional tableware and bespoke commissions with a unique and contemporary edge. Jess's passion for pottery came from her father, Tony Joslin, and has studied it throughout her life from his studio in the New Forest to Camberwell Art College, where she graduated with a BA in Ceramics.


This class is for the complete novice (over 18's please), to learn and play with clay, and gain the experience working on the potter’s wheel. Your three best pots will be fired twice and glazed in the studio signature glaze ‘speckled white’ for you to collect at a later date.  

You'll be immersed in the wonderful world of pottery in this two-hour session at Jess's studio in Stepney City Farm. You'll be introduced to the pleasure of ceramics, and to owning a piece of artwork, you really can call your own.


Saturday & Sunday 10.30am or 1.30pm. Thursday 6.30pm.


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