Musical Bingo - for two

Musical Bingo - for two

Scrap the numbers, play with songs.  A brilliant night out for two.


BINGO. What’s not to love? The only thing is sometimes it can get a bit - well - serious. So bring on Musical Bingo, which is where the party really gets going. Just like regular bingo, except let’s scrap the boring old numbers and play songs, believe us this is an evening that can get pretty messy.


Each round has a different song theme, could be based on a decade, genre or just a quirky topic. Your tunes are in the spinning hands of D.J’s Rapture and Jonny Unknown. There are PRIZES for one, two and three lines and the GRAND PRIZE for a full house. Look out for twists along the way, and the ‘Killer Question’

So just so you’re really up to speed - numbers are scrapped, tunes are in, mark them on your card and BINGO.


This is a gift for two people and happens on the 4th Thursday of the month at Concrete, Shoreditch. Or 2nd Thursday of the month at Pop Brixton.


Short on time?

How It Works

  • 1. Pick your gift

    A London experience to make them feel good, an afternoon with attitude or give some time together.

  • 2. Over to you

    Last-minute Larry? Download in an instant or send straight to a friend. Time on your side? Choose our gift pack by post.

  • 3. You're off

    Your lucky recipient can easily book online or drop us an email.

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