The Float Experience

The Float Experience

from £60.00

Gift yourself or a friend some time out with a 1hr floatation tank experience. Proven to ease stress and improve sleep.

  • Pristine, designer pods

  • Top Rated Float in London

  • Proven holistic benefits


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The Float Experience

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No ‘phones, no noise, no light, just float in total peace in state of the art, pristine pods in Shoreditch.


Now if you’ve never tried it you might feel just a tad nervous. A pod filled with water, may sound like a medieval torture, but oh my goodness it is anything but. There have been floatation tanks before, but nothing like these floatation tanks. These tanks are designer heaven.

Imagine lying in a warm bath saturated with Epsom salts. The water remains at a constant temperature, no ‘phones, no noise, no light, just you and total peace. As you float away for an hour (yes one whole hour to totally destress) feel your anxieties dissipate, and your muscles R-E-L-A-X. You might fall alseeeeppppp, and that’s OK too, the water holds you up, and you don’t have to worry about timings, at the end of an hour, zen-like sounds will fill your pod to soothingly wake you up.

When you emerge blinking from your cocoon strange things may occur... you will sleep better, move better and feel just brilliant. You have become a float convert and as you totter off into the light you will wonder where that hour went ...


The water is 100% refilled at the end of each float, so the pods are very clean and the water is filtered through UV light. If you are worried about claustrophobia, then you can float with the lights on and the lid open.

This is your float, and if you want to settle in, before going for the full-on experience, then that is absolutely fine. The pods are large, so you won’t feel hemmed in.


This is an experience for one person only. You can’t share a float hub, but you can book together and go at the same time, whatever floats your boat.  This is a beautiful new location in Old Street, Shoreditch.

Insider tip: We love the organic shampoos in the showers and don't rush off, there's space to lounge around with a complimentary herbal tea and a magazine.



All you have to do is pay for the gift experience you wish to purchase. We’ll send a voucher including booking information to you or directly to the recipient. You or your recipient needs to check the information on the voucher and book your experience date. 


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