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We know, we know: you're the best boss out there. Or maybe you're a party planner. Or maybe you've got a big birthday coming up. Or maybe you just want to celebrate having a lovely work team during a year that's been a bit, well, weird. We got you: whether you're after remote team building experiences, stay home parties, stay-at-home experiences – anything you could possibly think of for you and a few mates or a full-blown team, we've got something for you.

Of course, all you need to do is have a little peruse of our dedicated stay home parties section 🥳. Take your time, there's a lot to take in. If you're anything like us, you'll probably find it hard choosing just one to get up to – that's how good they are. And because we're brilliant, if you want to send several kits to multiple address for a proper remote shindig, we can help – just send us a wee email. 

But it's not all about us, so we've found plenty of other ideas for getting that connection going, even when you're miles apart. After all, it's what The Indytute's all about – you're welcome. 


10 ideas for the best stay home parties

The Indytute's Decadent Cocktail Party Box

cocktail kits

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we've really got a good'un. A bottle of Prosecco, gold paper straws, Meringue Girls meringues, playlist and wait for it... all the ingredients for a Salted Chocolate Espresso Martini!. Everything you need for a good time, it's in here. And if this isn't doing it for you, we've got mezcal and whisky tasting experiences too… 

The Indytute's Burger Kit

Bun. Patty. Sauce. The holy trinity. The answer to our at-home party prayers – because what says 'fun' more than a big, filthy... burger? But this kit – made in partnership with Dirty Bones – is about more than the burgs. You'll get everything you need for a dirty night in for four (ooer): eight burger patties (yep, two each), American cheese, seeded brioche buns, and mac'n'cheese sauce, plus macaroni cheese and pulled beef short ribs. Oh, and there's a vegan version too. Cor blimey. 

Virtual games

There are more virtual games out there than you can shake a cocktail stick at. We like virtual bingo though – the speed, the tension, the competition. No wonder Granny's a regular down at the bingo hall. 

Virtual open mic nights

Budding comedians and musicians will love this one – a chance to show off all those new skills and witty one-liners they've been working on through lockdown. In fact, you don't need to stop at music and comedy, you could turn it into a full-blown Zoom's Got Talent. 

Your own personalised pub quiz

The return of the pub quiz! They kept us going through lockdown, and now they're back, in new all-singing, all-partying editions. Rumour has it The Indytute will be hosting a special Christmas quiz...


Coffee mornings

Stay home parties | coffee morning

(image: Nathan Dumlao)

OK, so now for something a bit calmer. A coffee and cake morning, or a tea party. You can't be wild all time. Or you could make your coffee Irish. And don't they sometimes serve champagne at posh afternoon teas?

At-home wine tasting

The world of wine is huge. And for every delicious wine out there, there's one that's, erm, not so delicious. But how can you tell which is which? Quite often, it's not so much about how good the wine is, but about what you like and what you don't – and that's exactly what our at-home wine kit helps you identify. Our home kit provides you with two bottles and a Zoom link to a 75-minute masterclass with sommeliers and experts (and up to nine other friendly virtual pals). All together now: cheers!

Virtual murder mystery

Grab your trench coat and your magnifying glass (pipe optional) and make like Sherlock Holmes with a virtual murder mystery. There's loads of ways to do it – you can organise an external company to host one for you, or make it up yourself, or do it for charity: Macmillan Cancer Support is hosting a dedicated murder mystery for New Year's Eve this year. 

Book club

Stay home parties | virtual book club


(image: Melanie Deziel)

Does what it says on the tin. Choose a lovely – or a not-so-lovely – book, get reading and then discuss on Zoom. Speaking of lovely books, The Indytute's wordsmith Clare Hastings has written one that would be perfect for a book club. Bring a negroni. Bring two.  

At-home cheese and beer kit

Thelma and Louise, Scooby and Shaggy, cheese and... beer? Hold on. That's not the usual iconic pairing we're used to. But 2020 is a year of strange firsts, which makes it the ideal time to pair cheese with beer. You even get enough cheese for two tasting sessions, and you can order extra beer to go along with it – which, of course, we advise you to do. Crate Brewery's Beer Sommelier James Kellow will guide you through a prerecorded tasting session that matches beers from UK brewery Thornbridge (they're brilliant) with cheese from British cheese champion Neal's Yard Dairy (they're also brilliant). Order this for a friend and give yourself a big ol' pat on the back. 

Home scavenger hunt

Our favourite section of Zoom pub quizzes – so much we think it should be its own thing. The master (you) gives participants a minute to find certain things around the house, be it a broom, a watering can, or bits and bobs to make a self portrait. Get creative. 

Host a play in your living room

Stay Home Parties | theatre at home

Yes, really. And a really bloody good one, too. A fully trained thespian will rock up to your yard/garden/living room and put on a 45-minute performance, just for you. Seriously special.

Virtual escape rooms

These guys sort it all for you. Grab your gang and get ready to puzzle your way through a remote adventure set against the clock. Be warned: your friendships will be tested... 

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main image: Adi Goldstein

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