Step away from the dumbells and keep fit the alternative (and way more fun) Indy-way with Marawa the Amazing's Hula Schoola.

Did you know that Marawa's Hula Schoola was one of the first experiences we added to The Indytute (along with Tricity Vogue's ukulele workshop)? We've had 3542 friends, couples, kids and hundreds of mums and daughters twirling and whirling in Shoreditch Town Hall. 

Marawa and her Majorettes teach people of all ages, its guaranteed fun and as Marawa says you'll get abs as hard as diamonds!  Once you've got the knack and mastered three or four hoop tricks (yes you can in just an hour!) you can hula hoop in the park, in front of the TV, in your lunch break or grab all your friends and have a hula schoola party.

hula hooping london
hula hooping london
hula hooping london
Marawa (the Amazing) holds 12 Guinness World Records, one was for hula hooping with 200 hoops! Marawa performs and teaches around the world from Somalia to New York while running the brilliant hula troop, The Majorettes.

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