This has got to be one the best experiences London, Richard our teacher was THE expert about all things NEON! The day-long workshop, set in a beautiful co-working space in Highbury and Islington, was a very inspiring day indeed, learning the history, technical know-how and science involved. We really got to feel the heat, in the creation of our Neon designs!

All the equipment was set up and ready to go, along with Richard’s expertly designed Neon making machine (it really was amazing, like something out of a sci-fi movie!) After a quick explanation of all things Neon….we saw the ‘Bombardier’ at work. Neon, Argon and Xenon gas is used…along with several others, to produce different colours and effects.

Richard and Julia took us step by step through each of the bending and contorting methods, then we were each able to take turns and try them out - heat protection, gloves, equipment and air-blowing valve in hand (and mouth)! We were then given free rein to experiment, hone our techniques using the flames and specialist machinery. 

neon workshop the Indytute
neon workshop the indytute
neon workshop The Indytute
We worked closely with Julia who helped us produce our final designs and we were taught how to wire them when we got home. What a thoroughly inspiring day! Learning really specialist skills. An excellent gift for aspiring artists or designers.

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