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Meet Marawa Wamp, entrepreneur, author and showgirl. Here to get you through the most depressing day of the year (officially January 15th) with colour therapy in London.

Hula hooping london

Marawa is amazing. This is a woman who single handed has reinvented the hula hoop, skipping and roller skating. Her troupe of performers The Majorettes have become a leading fitness team and international performance group, and that is down to skills and personality of one person - Marawa. She looks and is the real deal a girl who radiates fitness, beauty and enthusiasm. Marawa currently holds 12 (yes, 12) Guinness World Records for her hooping and skating skills, and recently stormed New York with the Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, proving glamour and fitness go hand in hand. Marawa thrives on travel, living between London and LA. Oh yes, and obviously she is very good at roller skating in heels. Is there anything this girl can’t do?  Here are her favourite London hotspots to make you feel fabulous.

Chroma Yoga: Get some rainbow yoga, my favourite place in London for amazing colour therapy yoga in Shoreditch. An immersive yoga experience combining light therapy, soundscapes and bespoke natural scents - great after a long flight.

For my hit of rainbow food, head to Kaffa Coffee in Dalston, you'll get the freshest orange juice, strongest coffee and the best Ethiopian food I know.

We all need rainbow people in our lives and mine is Fred Butler, accessories designer and rainbow spectrum queen of London Town. Fred has just created a therapeutic world at The Now Gallery, using healing light and colour to explore chromotherapy as an antidote to SAD (seasonal defective disorder). Opens Wednesday 28th Feb. Gasp at her Instagram  - she is always up to something magical.
the Now Gallery
Photo: Elisha Smith Leverock The Now Gallery Harmonics in Space Exhibition
Now for your rainbow shopping hit - Tatty Devine. Head to the very top of Brick Lane or the heart of Covent Garden for their live laser cutting jewellery shop. I love visiting here when I am in London. Retail is so boring these days but this shop reminds me why going out to shop used to be fun!

tatty devine covent garden
Be inspired by Hassan Hajjaj for ultimate rainbow art.  An incredible contemporary artist. His studio is in Arnold Circus and is UH MAZING the hours are sporadic but if you can get in its such a treat! 
Photo: paperboats.me
Take a mate! Get a wiggle on with The Majorette's Hula Lessons in Shoreditch or learn some roller skating tricks!
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