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Meet Ben Ebbrell, co-founder and chef of SORTEDfood.com. Here are his five foody favourites that need to be on your radar.  

Ben Ebbrell founder of Sortedfood.com

Join the FridgeCam conversation and learn how food is just BRILLIANT. Ben Ebbrell is co-founder (and chef) of the YouTube sensation that introduces basic cooking skills and new recipes ideas to over two million people around the world. Tune in four times a week to find out what’s hot in the food world. Expect chat, plenty of laughs and step by step recipes - you can even upload your own. Before you start talking to the fridge, here are five of Ben’s favourite food and drink spots around London to get you up and SORTED.

1. Up early

When people ask what the iconic things in London are that aren’t too touristy I always suggest Billingsgate Market (if they are a foodie). One of the most infamous fish markets in the world and a true slice of history full of amazing character. Yes, you have to be up super early to catch it in all its glory but I think it’s worth it. Even if you aren’t buying fish to take home and cook. Get there by 7 am at the absolute latest… ideally earlier and have a wander. And once you’re done you HAVE to get a Scallop and Bacon Bap from the cafe. The freshest, cheapest scallops you’ll get in London and truly deserved after the early start!

Billingsgate Market

2. Lunch in Borough

After wandering around Borough Market… another foodie haven (and on everybody’s list I’m sure) then I can’t recommend Padella enough. You’ll probably have to queue for a while to get a table (especially if there’s 4+ of you) but each and every small plate of pasta is worth every penny you pay… and it’s never many pennies! Tough to narrow down the choice… so get a few plates to share.

Padella Borough Market

Padella Restaurant in Borough Market

3. All the Wine

Vagabond is a popular spot for drinks (I’ve frequented the one in Spitalfields on multiple occasions). You can go as a crowd and there’s a wine that suits everyone. Charge up a plastic card with money and wander around the small bar/restaurant dispensing anything from a tasting sample to a full glass. Wines are priced up individually so there’s choice for every budget and the team there really know their stuff and are happy to recommend alternatives… although the tasting notes for each wine make DIY easy. Plus, their small plates of food are on point too. Simple, but simply delicious.

Vagabond Wine

4. Chinatown

Not for everyone, but I’m a big fan of perusing Oriental supermarkets. A chance to stock up on stuff I can’t buy elsewhere that I love having in the cupboard. An hour strolling in and out of the Chinese supermarkets in Chinatown generally results in several unexpected purchases. I then enjoy rounding it off with a cocktail at Opium. A bit of a struggle to find on Gerrard Street, then you have to climb about 4 flights of stairs… but if you can get a seat at the open bar on the top floor it’s great to watch them create the seasonal and orientally skewed cocktails. The dim sum is awesome too. 

Opium Chinatown

Photo credit:  Opium Chinatown. www.thenudge.com 

5. A Dickensian evening

If you want to step back in time, give Gordon’s Wine Bar a go. It’s a bit rough around the edges… you queue to grab a plate full of cheese and some wine of choice then huddle into the corner of the cellar. It’s dimly lit, predominantly with candles, the tables are wooden and chairs are a little rickety. But that’s it’s charm. It feels almost Dickensian in style and hours drift by as you catch up with friends with ample cheese and wine to hand. *Their pate and bread always goes down well too! 

Gordon's Wine Bar


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