Hi there! You've probably found this page as you'd like to know how The Indytute (Indy - as in independent and tute as in tutors) came about.

My name is Calypso Rose (definitely my REAL name). My previous business was called Clippykit - an accessory range that became a craze for ten years, stocked in shops across the UK and beyond. I am proud to say the range won quite a few awards from ITV's Young Business Person of the Year to The Daily Mail's Enterprising Young Brit. As I got older I didn't want more 'stuff' in my life (and neither did anyone else!) it was time for a new start and take action. In the space of a couple of months, I hit 30, licenced Clippykit, moved onto a canal boat and launched The Indytute. A HUGE de-clutter of life!

The Indytute was born from the love of pop ups, London and learning something new. It wasn’t enough to just sit in the pub. I wanted to do something with my friends, spend quality time learning a skill, but I'm not one to sign up to a lifelong commitment. I started the company at Christmas in 2013 on a small glittery table in Selfridges - running 90 workshops in 90 days from the gift department and sold the experiences as gifts.  There were swing dancers in the aisles and at one point 40 ukulele players in the bedding department (yes, really!). 

The Indytute is a tiny team who really care. All the very amusing copy is written by Clare (my mum and business partner from the Clippykit days). You'll spot Stuart Lang's superb design skills. He's the bloke that helped me get The Indytute off the ground. Tamsin is our marketing guru and undercover experience tester and if you buy a gift experience through us you'll be on email with Claire who keeps everything going day to day - thank goodness for Claire! There's also a bunny and a toddler on the team (who are occasionally helpful).  And then, there are all our wonderful partners, many who have stuck with us from day one - chosen for their skill, personality and pizazz.

I hope that the workshops and experiences I have chosen create conversations with old and new friends and memories that last.  Here are my FAVOURITE 15 EXPERIENCES.

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I feel passionately that instead of giving more clutter, which we really don't need, we give good times (and we all need some of those!)
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