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Whereas some people enjoy painting, others prefer to create sculptures. The world of art is a diverse one, so there must be a wide choice of London experiences for those that like to express their artistic side. 

Indytute knows how important there is to have a choice available when it comes to London experiences, which is why it offers a series of workshops dedicated to arts, crafts and everything in between.

The Paper Butterflies workshop is a London experience that teaches those in attendance how to create their butterflies via the use of paper and wire. 

The experience is led by professional artist Zack Mclaughlin that will lead you from the early steps of butterfly creation right through to finishing off your design and placing it in a box frame. 

Zack is an artist and sculpture that has a passion for nature as well as a love of fantasy. As well as being a professional when it comes to wire and paper, Zack is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to wood and clay. 

A Great Gift for Creative Minds 

Paper Butterflies

Anything involving art is an ideal gift for those with a creative mind, but the Paper Butterflies workshop ups the ante by offering a London experience that steps away from convention. 

Many art-based London experiences can become tiresome just because they follow the same tropes as other workshops. 

Indytute works differently and ensures that its experience is not only original but also enjoyable. As such, whether you are using the workshop as a primer or you just want to become more confident in a new skill, then the Paper Butterflies experience is perfect in both scenarios. 

A Beautiful Mother’s Day Offering 

Paper Butterflies

Mother’s Day can be like any other celebration when searching for gifts, in that some of them may not offer the originality that some are looking for. Fortunately, Indytute not only offers a series of London experiences that make for brilliant gift ideas but also helps people create something that will be adored on Mother’s Day. 

The butterfly created by the Paper Butterflies London experience is unlike anything else, and many will be convinced that you purchased the butterfly in a premium London store. 

As well as looking the part, the Paper Butterflies workshop also ensures that the gift given on Mother’s Day is a deeply personal one. 

Learn a New Skill 

Paper Butterflies

Despite the Paper Butterflies London experience being perfect for those that already enjoy art, it is also perfect for those looking to acquire new skills or discover a new hobby. Every experience curated by Indytute is led by a seasoned industry professional, and the Paper Butterflies experience is no exception. 

Create Your Own Bespoke Butterfly 

Paper Butterflies

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that not only look fabulous but can often represent new beginnings to many, whereas others view butterflies as a sign of change. 

Whatever your association with butterflies, the Paper Butterflies experience allows those in attendance to create their own unique butterfly that will be placed in a box frame so it can be enjoyed for the long term. 

As well as looking beautiful in the home, it also helps bring the right ambience to your home. 

A Gift that Can Be Given in Different Ways 

As well as the Paper Butterflies experience being a great gift idea for those that like to create, the finished product can also be gifted. As such, the Paper Butterflies experience is a London experience that can be used in different ways when it comes to gift ideas or can be a given as an all-in-one experience for true flutter fanatics. 

Just One of Many Creative Workshops 

Those that enjoy the Paper Butterflies London experience will be happy to hear that other workshops also allow those in attendance to create their works of art with ease. 

If you are looking for more creative-based workshops, or just want to ensure that those interested in craft are never bored, then why not explore all the creative workshops available from Indytute. 

Stay Safe When Booking London Experiences 

As well as searching for the right type of London experience, customers will also want to ensure that they stay safe when using an online platform. Customers using the Indytute platform can be confident that personal details are kept safe during the booking process. 

Purchasing a London experience is also a straightforward endeavour. Simply select the London experience along with the recipient’s email, and the gift along with full instructions of how It can be redeemed will be forwarded accordingly. 

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