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For those with an unquenchable thirst for unique experiences and a love for London, let us introduce you to the city's latest waterborne attraction. As you walk along the scenic banks of the Regent's Canal, don't be surprised if you witness the burgeoning trend of paddleboarding. As the gentle ripples of the water guide adventurers through the heart of London, The Indytute offers a catalogue of experiences to ensure every enthusiast finds their perfect waterway escapade.

Why Walk When You Can Paddle?

When you think of London, chances are, paddleboarding isn't the first thing that springs to mind. Yet, the historic Regent’s Canal has transformed into a paddleboarder's paradise, thanks to Indytute's ingeniously curated experiences.

1. Paddle Boarding Through London - For Two: Embark on a journey through London's iconic landmarks, from the serenity of Regent's Park to the bustling hub of Camden market. As you paddle past the London Zoo, embrace the calming ripple beneath and the vibrant city life around. Your 90-minute lesson will not only introduce you to the art of SUP but also unveil the intriguing tales of Regent's Canal.

2. Full Moon Paddleboard Through London: For those who've tasted the waters and are looking for an ethereal twist, indulge in this unique night-time paddleboarding adventure. Guided by the moonlight, paddle through the heart of London, occasionally basking in the silvery glow reflected by the Regent's Canal. Opt for the 'Paddle & Prosecco' nights for an added splash of luxury.

3. Learn to Paddle Board Through London - For One: This is for the solo adventurer. Similar to the paired experience but tailor-made for individuals, this lesson offers a deep dive into SUP, ensuring a solid foundation for all your future paddleboarding adventures.

4. Paddle Boarding Yoga: St. Katharine Docks becomes your floating yoga studio. Attempt a Downward Facing Dog or the Tree Pose on a paddleboard as London's iconic skyline plays peek-a-boo. The gentle rocking of the board, coupled with the lapping water, promises an unparalleled yoga session.

An Exclusive for Groups:

Private Paddle Boarding - For Two or Four: Perfect for those looking for a more intimate experience. Whether it's a double date, a family outing, or just a group of friends, glide through the prettiest parts of Regent's Canal with this bespoke experience. The added allure? Paddle past the Feng Shang Princess floating Chinese restaurant and partake in a bit of history about the canal and its environs.

Things to Remember:

  • Sessions are seasonal and run from April to October.

  • Ensure you're clad in sportswear or yoga attire (for the yoga experience).

  • Familiarise yourself with the FAQs before embarking on your waterway journey.

  • And lastly, don't forget to bring your spirit of adventure!

The Indytute has artfully woven history, sport, and a dash of luxury into these experiences. They're not just presenting an activity; they're offering an immersion into London's spirit, quite literally from a new perspective. So, the next time you're mulling over weekend plans or hunting for an out-of-the-box gift, remember - why walk London, when you can paddle it?

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