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It’s easy to assume that all London tours are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although some tours offer nothing new, Indytute works hard to ensure that there’s a tour for all sorts of personalities, regardless of whether you’re looking to learn the musical background of London or discover some of the best-kept secrets in the capital city. 

The Old City Ghost Walk London experience is an example of some of the tours available in London that are perfect for those looking to become more familiar with the spooky and sinister side of London. 

London is believed to be the most haunted city in the world so those embarking on the Old City Ghost Walk can be sure of some spine-chilling tales that offer something different to the conventional London tour. 

The Old City Ghost Walk follows the outline of the old City Wall that explores locations that were once homes to plague pits and execution sites. Just because some of the gruesome tales took place hundreds of years ago doesn’t make them any less scary. 

Discover a Different Side to London 

Old City Ghost Walk

When visiting London for the first time there is plenty to keep people entertained. However, once people have visited the generic landmarks, they’re often keen to embrace a different adventure which is where Indytute comes in. 

Not only does Indytute offer a wide variety of workshops that help people acquire skills from some of the most professional people in the business, but it also offers a wide choice of London tours that each have their own approach to the history of London. 

The Old City Ghost Walk not only takes people on a different route, but it also offers a wide selection of creepy recollections that will teach you there’s more to unearth in London than Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. 

Perfect for Those That Love Scary Movies 

Old City Ghost Walk

Regardless of whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s nothing more fun than preparing for a series of jump scares when enjoying a scary movie. However, wouldn’t it be scarier to hear the ghastly goings-on that occurred in London over the years? 

Even those convinced that ghosts are nothing more than a figment of the imagination will find it hard not be shaken by some of the terrifying tales told on the Old City Ghost Walk 

Discover the Unknown 

Old City Ghost Walk

As well as being ideal for those that love scary movies, the Old City Ghost Walk is just as fun for those that like to keep an open mind and take a step into the unknown. Those that have taken part in ghost-inspired tours before may have been unimpressed by the lack of atmosphere, but this is never the case with the Old City Ghost Walk. 

Just like the other experiences curated by Indytute, the Old City Ghost Walk has been chosen for its atmospheric talks as well as it’s enjoyment by those that have taken part in the experience before. 

Therefore, customers can be confident that they’re always finding an experience that delivers the desired results in every instance. 

The Perfect Alternative to a Night Down the Pub 

Old City Ghost Walk

Sometimes people just want to break the habit and try something different at the weekend rather than spend hours sitting in the local pub. 

Fortunately, Indytute offers many unique and enjoyable London experiences that are perfect for those looking for something different to a night down the pub, and the Old City Ghost Walk is no exception. 

Simply make a booking and book the experience on a date that suits you and enjoy some thrills and spill and scary tales that will stay with you for some time. 

The Old City Ghost Walk is Just One of Many London Tours with a Difference 

Despite the popularity of the Old City Ghost Walk, it’s understandable that some will be looking for London experiences that offer something different. The old City Ghost Walk is just one of the many London experiences available on Indytute. 

As well as classes that help bring inner calm there are many other workshops dedicated to fitness, music and even foraging for food in the wild. 

Enjoy Safe and Secure Bookings with Indytute 

As well as being able to choose from a wide range of activities, those considering London experiences also need to ensure that the provider they’re using can offer safety and security about payment details. 

Indytute takes the safety of its customers seriously and has ensured that its payment platform is fully secured and encrypted, ensuring nefarious third parties don’t have access to their personal information. 

Indytute also ensues that making a booking is straightforward and the redeeming of vouchers is straightforward. 

Simply choose your London experience and choose the email you would like the experience forwarded to and the recipient will be given full instructions of how to redeem the voucher.

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