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Experience Gin in a Completely New Way with the Mini Cooper Gin Bar London Experience

Brilliant Gin Experience in London

The Mini is a car that is synonymous with British culture, despite originally being imported from Germany in the 1950s.

However, the design of the iconic car has been perfected in the UK over several decades and has also become a popular icon in the process, making themselves known in both the original and remake of “The Italian Job.”

Similarly, Gin has taken a similar path, finding fame in the UK during the 17th century for those looking for an affordable alternative to brandy.

As well as having roots in the London of yesteryear, the popularity of gin in the modern age can be attributed to the use of gin within cocktails, as well as becoming a popular beverage among those looking to try something different.

Enjoy Minis and Gin with Your Own Personal Driver with This Amazing London Experience

Brilliant Gin Experience in London

Given the similar paths taken, those looking for a unique London experience will find that the Mini Cooper Gin Bar London experience celebrates the iconic status of both in a fun and immersive way.

If you’re looking for a gift idea, but want something different than a generic tour, then the Mini Cooper Gin Bar London experience ticks all the boxes.

This two-hour London experience transports three people to some of the best gin bars in London and a distiller, which includes a tipple at each stop.

As well as transporting people to the gin bars, the driver will also be part of the experience, offering an abundance of information along the way.

The Mini Cooper Gin Bar London Experience takes place within Zone 1, and the pick-up point can be selected, so those looking to purchase the London experience as a gift can be confident that a suitable time and date can be booked, although it should be noted that bookings should be made in advances.

There is also the option of a two-hour tour or three-hour tour, which will offer three and five stops respectively.

The Mini Cooper Gin Bar London Experience Is a Great Gift Idea

Looking for gift ideas that are original can be difficult at times, and even some of London experiences can fail to meet the mark, but the Mini Cooper Gin Bar London experience is a great gift idea that can’t be compared to anything else.

As well as being a perfect gift for those that love the vintage era of automobiles, it’s also great for those that are looking for a new and different take on enjoying some of the finest gin in London.

Regardless of whether you’re trying gin for the first time or looking for the perfect gift idea for those looking to learn about gin in a novel and exciting way, the Mini Cooper Gin Bar London experience offers everything you’re looking for. It’s an experience that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

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