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Imagine a sunset turning your garden into a panorama of orange and pink hues, the rustling leaves in the trees providing a natural symphony, and then, as if punctuating this serene moment, a hushed anticipation falls upon your gathered friends and family.

Welcome to Indytute's 'Shakespeare in Your Garden', a unique garden theatre experience that transports the beauty of the bard's prose right to your backyard.

Section 1: The Concept

In 1605, the great Bard, William Shakespeare, found himself confined in his quarters due to the infamous plague. His quill was poised, the parchment blank, his prolific creativity stifled without an audience. He yearned for the bustling theatres, the captivated audiences, the thrill of the live performance.

Fast forward to today, and Indytute is here to help rekindle that lost flame. We believe in the power of theatre, the magic of live performances, and the joy of shared experiences. Therefore, we offer 'Shakespeare in Your Garden', an innovative way to bring live performances to your home.

Our service? We let you bring one of our twenty-one Shakespearean performers to your garden, courtyard, or rooftop. They perform a 45-minute, one-person show crafted with Shakespeare's greatest hits, filled with humour and history, designed exclusively for you and your close ones. This is grassroots theatre at its finest.

Section 2: The Experience

When you purchase the 'Shakespeare in Your Garden' experience, we send a gift voucher with booking information directly to you or the recipient. Once you have the voucher, booking your personal Shakespeare performance is as simple as picking a date and preparing to be delighted.

As for the performance itself, it's nothing short of mesmerising. Our talented performers deliver an engaging blend of classic Shakespeare, dry humour, and intriguing historical tidbits. You'll be swept up in the moment as the lines between actor and audience blur, transforming your humble garden into a grand stage.

The response to our 'Shakespeare in Your Garden' performances has been overwhelming. As audience member Ben Crystal puts it, it's a "sweet slice of Shakespearetainment...what's not to like?" Mark and Riko echo this sentiment, praising it as a "refreshing and entertaining approach to Shakespeare." And let's not forget Shaylyn, who felt like "having the Globe right in our garden."

Section 3: The Perfect Gift

Seeking a unique gift for a loved one's special day? Look no further than 'Shakespeare in Your Garden'. Imagine the surprise and delight as they discover you've arranged a personal Shakespeare performance just for them. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a beautiful summer evening, the gift of live theatre is unforgettable.

What's more, we offer last-minute gift solutions perfect for those sudden occasions. With Indytute, you can download, print, or email gift cards directly from our site. There's no need to worry about delivery times or lost packages - your gift will be safely delivered to the recipient's inbox, ready to be enjoyed.


'Shakespeare in Your Garden' is more than just an outdoor theatre experience. It's a chance to create lasting memories, share unique moments with loved ones, and discover the enduring magic of Shakespeare. So why wait? Bring a Bard to your yard and let the show begin.

For more insider tips and updates, visit our blog or explore our range of Food and Drink experiences to further enhance your garden party.

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