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Unearthing Brighton's Secrets Hidden beneath the urban buzz of Brighton lies a world of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. The Forage & Feast Experience by Indytute offers an immersive journey, connecting participants with the land and its treasures.

Stanmer Nature Reserve: An 18th Century Masterpiece Stanmer, Brighton's largest park, isn’t just another recreational space. This unique example of 18th-century landscape design serves as the backdrop for this foraging expedition. Every nook and cranny of this expansive reserve tells tales of nature intertwined with human artistry.

Foraging Experience in Brighton

Nature's Pantry: A Foraging Exploration As participants wander through the verdant expanse, they’re initiated into the art of foraging by seasoned experts. They learn to identify and sustainably harvest an array of wild ingredients — from juicy berries to aromatic fungi. This is a sensory experience, where touch, sight, and smell work in unison to discern nature's edible offerings from those best left untouched.

Cheffy's Culinary Magic: From Harvest to Plate The thrill of foraging culminates in a gastronomic delight prepared by Cheffy. Using the freshly harvested ingredients, he crafts a lunch that encapsulates the essence of Brighton's wilderness. Every bite is a testament to the land's generosity and Cheffy's culinary prowess.

Embarking on a Personal Foraging Journey Participants don't just leave with fond memories. Equipped with tools, tips, and newfound knowledge from the foraging professionals, they're empowered to embark on their own foraging adventures.

Rediscover Your Wild Side In a world dominated by urban landscapes, the Forage & Feast Experience beckons individuals to reconnect with the wild. As they step out of the reserve, with a bag of pre-packed leaves in hand, participants are reminded of the simple joys nature offers.

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