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Those that have dined out in London before will know that many fine restaurants are serving up delicious wine daily, but this isn’t to say that dining out is the option available to wine connoisseurs when it comes to trying out some of the best wine in East London. 

If you’re looking for a gift idea or just want to ensure that next date with a loved one offers something different, then why not consider the East London Wine Walk? 

One of the most exciting aspects of the East London Wine Walk is the fact that those taking part will find themselves in some unexpected but welcoming locations, offering something different when it comes to enjoying some of the finest vino that East London has to offer. 

This unique and exciting experience has been put together by Benoit Allauzen, a Sommelier which has worked with some of the most famous names in the wine industry, including Raymond Blanc and Joel Robuchon.

The East London Wine Walk for Two is perfect for those looking to spend some time with their favourite wine buff while seeing parts of London that may not have been seen before. The East London Wine Walk has four stops that start in Hackney, and along the way, you will enjoy a paired plate of delicious food at your first stop, and a combination of cheese and wine at your final stop. 

Enjoy London in a Completely New Way 

East London Wine Walk for Two

Those that have been to London before may feel that they’ve experienced everything London has to offer, but the East London Wine Walk for Two can offer some unique locations that many may not have experienced in the past. 

There is also an element of excitement added thanks to the mystery locations, so those that have become bored with seeing London from the see point of view will all in love with this unique experience. 

Regardless of whether you want a new way of enjoying London, or just want to sample some of the finest wine in East London, then the East London Wine Walk for Two is the perfect London experience. 

A Great London Experience for a Couple with a Sense of Adventure 

East London Wine Walk for Two

Although some couples may not think that sampling some of the most delicious wine in Est London offers something for those with an adventurous side, many are surprised to learn just how exciting the East London Wine Walk for Two is. 

When starting the East London Wine Walk for Two you will be given access to a map, meaning that there is no indication of where a couple will be visiting until the day arrives. 

Fear not, as each location has been chosen for its warm and welcoming vibe, and the instructions given on the map ensures that everyone can find the four destinations with ease. 

As well as trying some of the most delicious wine that can be found in East London, there are also accompanying food to be enjoyed along the way. 

Experience Exotic New Wines 

East London Wine Walk for Two

Visiting a wine bar is all good and well, but those looking for some excitement when it comes to discovering wine will need to unearth some of the hidden treasures in London, and that’s exactly what the East London Wine Walk can offer. 

As well as being greeted by warm and welcoming hosts, those partaking in the East London Wine Walk can be confident that the wine they’re sampling is some of the finest in London. 

The East London Wine Walk is a Great Thank You Gift 

East London Wine Walk for Two

Regardless of whether you want to thank a hardworking business partner or want to treat someone that always been there when you’ve needed some help, there is always an experience available at Indytute. 

The East London Wine Walk is just one of several London experiences that are perfect for those looking for a thank you gift. Even if the East London Wine Walk isn’t the perfect choice for those in mind, there are still plenty of other London experiences that offer something for everyone, be it relaxing, acquiring a new skill or getting the adrenaline pumping. 

Enjoy a Secure Booking Experience 

All the London experience available on Indytute can be booked easily and there’s never any concern when it comes to the security of the payment details used. Indytute ensures that its payment gateway is secure and encrypted.

What’s more, the vouchers for each experience can be forward to recipients easily, along with full instructions of how the voucher can be redeemed. 

If you’re looking for a birthday gift with a difference, or just want to purchase something that will help with team bonding, then why not consider one of the many London experiences available at Indytute

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