The German Speakeasy

The German Speakeasy

Learn the tips and tricks of speaking a language in two hours from a man who speaks five languages.


OK you’re off for an uber cool weekend stay in Berlin or maybe Munich is on the city break list, so why not learn to really live like a local, by trying to talk like one. We can all do ‘guten tag’, but wouldn’t it be nice to kill the myth that the British can’t / won’t speak a foreign language. It is sad that most of us don’t dare to utter even the simplest phrases when we go away.


Olav Stahl (who speaks five languages) is on a mission to change the way we learn and think about language - in fact in two hours he promises to start you off on the road to learning German, with an accent to impress, and a vocabulary that is a fit to your language goals, not the travelogue basics .The lesson is based on phonetics and repetition, so at the end of two hours from a complete standing start you will feel confident in your ability to communicate, which is after all why we want to speak a language in the first place.


There will be a maximum of 10 people per class for two hours. By the end of the lesson Olav will have you talking to one another in German, no fear factor just 100% fun. Olav will guide you on how to learn a language the unconventional way. The class happens once a month in the happening hub of Peckham.


Pair this experience with a guide book and flights to Berlin as a perfect birthday present!


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