Taxidermy Paper Butterflies for Two

Taxidermy Paper Butterflies for Two

  • Inspiring & talented artist

  • Beautiful artwork

  • Mindful creative break

Create & take home a beautiful butterfly in a box


Everyone loves butterflies and we’ve all seen those displays in boxes and marvelled at the diversity and beauty of these ephemeral insects. But putting real butterflies on your wall is not to everyone’s taste, but suppose you could make them out of paper……... A taxidermy paper butterfly, that looks just like the real thing. 


This class is run by Zack Mclaughlin, who will teach you how to metamorphosise paper and wire until it emerges as a delicate butterfly. Zack is a fantasy artist and sculptor, with a love of nature. He creates his work using wood, paper and clay. His barn owl sits on a lamp bracket poised to fly, chaffinches collide into light bulbs and brilliant jays stalk his desktop.


This is an adult class, open to those over 16 for two people. All materials you need will be provided. You can design any breed of butterfly, just bring a photo for inspiration.   You will be taking your butterfly home - not in jar, but a box frame to hang on the wall. The process will take 3-4 hours, and you will have learnt enough to carry on making butterflies at home. Try for a ‘kaleidoscope’ (that’s quite a lot)..........


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