PRIVATE: Swing Dancing Class - For Two

PRIVATE: Swing Dancing Class - For Two

Dazzle your friends with your new moves


Join the dance frenzy and learn how to rock step with Swing Patrol, where every night is party night. What is swing? An umbrella word that encompasses a great range of delicious dances. The Lindy Hop is the core dance that Swing Patrol teach and yes, it is fast, furious and fun. If you want to dazzle your friends with your new moves, then this is the workshop for you.


This class will be adjusted depending on your level. You'll be learning the Lindy Hop or Charleston, depending on your preference. This class is perfect for friends looking for a new hobby, so that they can nail the basics in the class before going to group sessions.  If they are already experts, perhaps they are looking to learn some exciting new moves - the class is tailored to your ability.


Upon redeeming your voucher, we'll put you in touch with your teacher and you can decide where the lesson is to take place.  In your home is perfect if you have enough space (London only please) or you might have a friendly local pub with a private room.  The teacher will also need a stereo or somewhere to plug in an iPod. Dancing is bouncy so plimsolls are recommended. The class is 2 hours long.


How It Works

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