At Home: Intaglio Drypoint

At Home: Intaglio Drypoint

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Create a print block by pushing the material to the side, letting the ink drizzle into the lines. Comprehensive kit and instructions.

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At Home: Intaglio Drypoint

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Scratch it, gouge it, puncture or scrape it. This is the ideal art form for lockdown frustration.


At studio Indytute, we like to ring the changes. Now that you have lino cutting under your belt the time is right to test your print skills with a bit of intaglio. Intaglio you ask? Do you boil it?

No, you scratch it, or gouge it. Puncture or scrape it. This is the ideal art form for lockdown frustration. You aren’t digging out the material to create a raised print block, you are pushing it to the side, and letting the ink drizzle into the lines. This creates a lovely velvety finish, and you don’t need a press just etching needles and ink. We like to think you will be joining rather a heady club of artists who embraced the skill.

Indeed back in the day Rembrandt enjoyed an international reputation not for his paintings but his etchings, all achieved with his little needles and a copper plate. No pressure ...well maybe a bit…...


In this stay home printmaking kit you will get to create lively marks using etching needles drawing directly onto the surface of a plate. The prints will be colourful through collaging coloured tissue onto your drypoint - this process is called Chine-colle.  

  • Drawing materials - 1 x Etching needle, Piece of sandpaper
  • Inking materials - 1 x Palette knife, 1 x 20g pot of Carbon Black ink, Scrim fabric, a 'Handy' press (handheld wheel to use as a press)
  • Paper - 3 x Drypoint cards (11.5 x 8.5cm), 2 x sheets of blotting paper, 10 x Sheets of heavyweight cartridge (A5 size), White tissue paper
  • Collage materials - Glue stick, pack of mixed colourful tissue paper
  • Instruction booklet and video tutorial available


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