Static Trapeze for Beginners

Static Trapeze for Beginners

Hanging around just got a whole lot more exciting.


A brilliant beginner’s class in which will start you on the road to becoming a bona fide trapeze artist. Have you gasped at the trapeze artists, marvelled at the high wire, and sat spellbound while acrobats performed spinning routines from on high? Now this could all be you.


The aim of this game is not to swing, but remain stable. You will learn pikes and inverts, working your way up to moves that build strength and confidence. It’s all about BODY CONTROL. If you want to be fit from the core, then learn to fly. 


This class is 90 minutes long and takes place at The Wilditch Centre in Battersea or Waterloo and occurs regularly throughout the month. This class is high on teacher/student ratio, with only two people per trapeze, and seven students per teacher so expect to be on the receiving end of a lot of attention. You should wear a comfortable gym kit. This is an adult class, open to those over 16.  This is a gift experience for one person.


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