Jaw-dropping Japanese Bento - Adult + Child

Jaw-dropping Japanese Bento - Adult + Child

Make your own Japanese Bento and turn your packed lunch into a visual delight.


In Japan you can buy a Bento everywhere from a station or department store to special Bento shops. Rice can be moulded into cartoon characters, animals, plants or even shaped like buildings - vegetables are cut to look like flowers, and fish is rolled into patterns. If you rather like the idea of a beautiful lunch now is the moment to learn how with Alice who teaches ‘Picture Bento’. Carve butterflies or bees to make a sophisticated visual delight to thrill and amaze the office - or come and make cartoon characters with your children, guaranteed to turn a fussy eater into a gourmet. Playing with your food is absolutely allowed and was never more fun.


This workshop will include making healthy vegetable tempura, Japanese potato salad, at least 2 types of sushi and Japanese style pickles. An extensive range of proteins (including Japanese rolled omelette, natto), vegetables and fruits will be available to encourage creativity and to allow you to put personal touches on your final bento.

You’ll be using a range of lesser-known Japanese health foods such as ‘umeboshi’ (pickled plum paste), ‘natto’ (fermented beans) and different varieties of seaweed. Bento accessories including small forks, mini cupcake holders and Bento dividers will be used to separate and present all foods beautifully.


This two hour long class takes place Highgate or Central London. Everything will be provided. This is a voucher for one person plus a little one (under 14).  This class runs on a Saturday day once a month. 


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