Spy Stories. Private Tour. For Four. By SideStory.

Spy Stories. Private Tour. For Four. By SideStory.

This is all very hush, hush. Wear a mac and carry a trilby, you are about to step back in time and learn about London spies.


Listen to tales of sabotage, counter-espionage, and code cracking during WW11. Learn about London and the spies that have lingered in the shadows of the alleyways of old London. Hear stories of the Royal Families controversial relationship with Hitler, and learn how the Libyan Embassy siege rocked the news in 1984. Understand the characters behind the infamous Cambridge Spy Ring and their impact on espionage efforts from WWII through to the Cold War.


Owen W.Cameron will be head of operations on this mission, former lawyer and government diplomat he is passionate about history and espionage, and a glorious story teller. Owen is currently writing two history books. Get out your crepe sole shoes this is a walk through the murkier parts of London history, an eye opener into the real world of the 007


This is a private walking tour for four people.  The experience lasts 2.5 hours from Piccadilly Circus and is perfect for people passionate about history (particularly WWII) and espionage. Refreshments included.

A perfect walking tour for families or bigger groups, if you would like to go as a larger group please contact us.


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