At Home: Clay Club + Paints

At Home: Clay Club + Paints

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A pottery studio delivered to your home. 1.5kg of air dry clay, video tutorial, paints and all the kit to start your clay adventure.

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At Home: Clay Club + Paints

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Your very own pottery studio in a box, 1.5kg of clay, video tutorial to help you make little plant pots, bowls or tiles. Acrylic paints included.


Can’t go to the studio, well we will send the studio to you. Jack Laverick is a ceramic designer and maker from Stoke on Trent, who makes the most delicate and delightful candle holders from translucent porcelain, he is also passionate to introduce more people to joys of working the clay.


The Clay Club box contains the essentials - your very own studio in a box. For starters, you get the clay - a tasty 1.5kg of it, alongside the tools to model and decorate. A potter’s rib, a loop tool and a cutoff needle feature alongside a clay cutter, scrapper and sponge and form just a part of the essential kit for the ceramic enthusiast - and it’s aesthetic collection of kit. 

1.5kg of Air Hardening Clay

6 x acrylic paints and 2 x brushes

1 x loop tool - for trimming and shaving larger amounts of clay
1 x potter's rib - double-ended tool for cutting and shaving clay
1 x ribbon tool - double-ended tool for cutting and shaving clay
1 x cutoff needle - for adding fine details and piercing
1 x wood modelling tool - for sculpting and adding detail
1 x sponge - to clean and smooth
1 x aluminium scraper - for smoothing and shaping
1 x wire clay cutter - for slicing clay


You can either go with the flow and create whatever you fancy, or tune into Jack’s video tutorials which will help you make little plant pots, bowls and tiles.

This kit is the Air Hardening Clay - which does what it says on the tin - hardens in the air.


It’s also worth a moment while you're waiting by the postbox to study a few Pinterest sites on simple ceramics to make on the kitchen table. It’s amazing what you use to make patterns and there are loads of simple designs for dishes and plates, a bit of research goes a long way……


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